On the After 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff shared his viewpoint on Jon Moxley's past frustrations with WWE creative. Bischoff took a particular stance on the latest Moxley craze saying that frustrations of show business workers are more common than one would expect. Bischoff added that the more popular a performer becomes, the more sensitive they get to their work.

"Guess what? That's the entertainment business," Bischoff claimed. "Anybody that's ever directed or produced a television series, a sitcom, a movie, or wrestling show, or probably a high school play, at one level or another has faced that issue. Now, obviously the higher profile [a performer] becomes, the more success you have, the more sensitive one becomes to that particular issue. It's the nature of the business."

Bischoff mentioned that former WCW superstar and current AEW co-worker of Moxley, Chris Jericho, experienced similar frustrations during his WCW phase. Bischoff admitted Jericho saw himself as a much bigger character than how he was portrayed adding that frustration is correlated to passion.

"Chris Jericho when he was in WCW was very frustrated," Bischoff recalls. "Chris really saw himself as a much bigger character, a much more significant character, a much more versatile character than he thought he was being provided credit for. He voiced that often which is why he ended up going to the WWE, which is why Moxley is now in AEW.

"It's not unnatural. I think people should expect it. There's nothing wrong with it. When you're that into your character and when you're that passionate about the business, you were going to feel like you were out growing whatever situation you're in, particularly in WWE."

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