The pro wrestling world was shocked when finding out about the death of Adrian "Lionheart" McCallum. A plethora of support came following the tragic news, as wrestlers came together to do whatever they could for the family of McCallum.

Starting a GoFundMe for the funeral services, the page has more than doubled its goal of £6,000. As of this writing, the donations have totaled to be over £13,800. Wrestlers from Jordan Devlin (£100), Jim Smallman (£100), Noam Dar (£300), Bull Dempsey (£150), Nick Aldis (£200), Trent Seven (£200) and Drake Maverick (£250) have given donations.

McCallum was the reigning ICW Champion when he passed. He had defeated Jackie Polo for the title at ICW's Fear & Loathing XI last December. McCallum had also worked matches for TNA and WWE when they were in the U.K., and had competed for the ROH World Championship in 2008. As we previously reported, Lionheart quoted Ricky Gervais shortly before his passing and tweeted the following:

"'One day you will eat your last meal, You will smell your last flower, you will hug your friend for the last time. You might not know it's the last time, that's why you must do everything you love with passion' #Afterlife"

McCallum's impact reached all parts of the wrestling community. Although he never met the man, The Rock sent his condolences earlier today via Twitter.

"So sorry to hear the news of Adrian @LionheartUK McCallum's passing. He was a big wrestling star in the UK. Loved and respected. Never had the opportunity to shake this man's hand but sending his family, friends & UK wrestling community love, support & strength."