Welcome to Wrestling INC's coverage of GCW Tournament Of Survival 4, streaming live via Fite.tv. Tonight's event takes place at the Showboat from Atlantic City ,New Jersey. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show!

Loud "GCW" chants frm the crowd. Ring announcer welcomes the New Jersey crowd, and all those watching on Fite TV to Tournament of Survival. He announces that GCW will return to NJ in September to present Josh Barnett's Bloodsport II. He then introduces the competitors for the evening's first bout.

Crowd erupts...it's the GCW champion...Nick Gage. He'll be facing G-Raver. Commentary team comes on and officially welcomes us to the greatest deathmatch tournament ever.

Nick Gage versus G-Raver Round One matchup

Gage attacks Raver from behind before the bell. He bounces him off the ropes...spinebuster. He sets Raver up in the corner...running elbow...big boot. He places a board covered with pizza cutters on top of Raver...Gage up top...moonsault right on top. He then takes a pizza cutter and opens Raver up by slicing open his forehead. He pulls Raver to each side of the ring and chops up his head with the slicer. Gage goes for a lariat...Raver with springboard arm-drag. He picks up the light tubes...running knee breaking the tube off Gage's face. Fight spills to the outside...Raver...who's rocking the crimson mask...lays into Gage with forearms. He places three light tubes onto Gage's lap then jumps back into the ring...suicide dive connects! The tubes explode. Gage responds by throwing Raver into the first row of the crowd. He uses the sharp end of a broken tube to pierce Raver's forehead.

Gage clears out a section of the audience...he sends Raver into all the abandoned chairs. Back in the ring...Gage hits a DDT and a snap-dragon suplex in succession. Electric chair driver off the door from Gage. Cover...Raver kicks out. Gage climbs...Raver meets him...he places a surfboard with light tubes on Gage's back...jumping double-stomp! Dewey Donovan grabs Raver's ankle...Gage takes advantage...superplex. Pinfall...Raver sneaks a shoulder up. Gage sets up two chairs back-to-back...Raver picks Gage up and drops him on the chairs with an attitude adjustment. Springboard DDT nearly wins it for Raver but Gage manages to kick out. Back and forth brawling...Gage slows Raver down with a brainbuster onto a chair. Raver in the corner...Gage places tubes over his head...drive by kick. Another one. A pair of piledrivers, followed by a powerbomb onto more tubes. Raver kicked out!

Bed of tubes set up in the middle...Gage has Raver set up for a superplex...he instead tries for an avalanche piledriver...Raver pushes him off...meteora through the bed of tubes. Gage is out at one! Crowd is going nuts...Raver catches Gage in a cradle...got em!

G-Raver wins by pinfall and advances to the next round

Commentary wonders if this will lead to a future title match for G-Raver. Gage...who is visibly upset...stares Raver down before leaving in frustration.

After a quick-ring cleanup...we're ready for the second contest of the night. Isami Kodaka is out first. His first round opponent...Orin Veidt.

Isami Kodaka versus Orin Veidt Round One matchup

Kodaka and Veidt begin with light tubes in hands...Kodaka and Veidt both take a bump themselves onto shards of glass. They trade tube shots over the head. Veidt with a shoulder bump...he smashes a tube over Kodaka, then stabs him in the forehead. Pump kick by Veidt, which opens Kodaka up. Following a powerslam, Veidt jams the edge of a tube further into Kodaka's head. Kodaka throws Veidt to the outside. He whips him into the second row. Kodaka with chair in hand...the nails Veidt with shots to the neck. Fight travels back into the ring...Kodaka sets up a chair but Veidt charges him...he drops the rope sending Veidt over the top. Kodaka peels off a saw from a board and uses it to rip open Veidt's head. He places the board...suplex! Kodaka jumps back into the ring and bounces off the ropes...suicide dive. Kodaka in control.

Kodaka nearly decapitates Veidt with a running boot. He places the board of saws onto Veidt's chest...running knee smashes them into Veidt's chest. Kodaka climbs...flying crossbody but Veidt catches him...powerslam off a chair bending it in half. Veidt sets up a door in the corner...he picks him up in an electric chair...Kodada reverses it with a poison frankensteiner. Kodaka picks Veidt up...saito suplex through the door. Pinfall...Veidt kicks out. Veidt drops Kodaka with a big right hand...he picks him in a firemans carry then climbs the ropes with Kodaka on his shoulders. Samoan driver through a barrel of tubes! Kodaka surprises Veidt with a cradle...two count. Kodaka off the ropes...Veidt with an STO...brainbuster. Both men down. Veidt places a bundle of tubes on top of Kodaka and climbs to the top...450 connects. Kodaka just gets a shoulder up on the pinfall attempt. Kodaka ties Veidt up, then unloads a flurry of knee strikes. Light tube in Veidt's face...superkick...that'll do it.

Isami Kodaka wins by pinfall and advances to the next round

Another swift ring clean up, then the ring is layered with more deathmatch weapons and materials. Next up will be Jimmy Lloyd battling Great Sasuke.

Jimmy Lloyd versus Great Sasuke Round One matchup

Tie-up. Lloyd pushes Sasuke up to the ropes...ref resets both men. Second tie-up...Lloyd with a wristlock but Sasuke reverses the pressure. Lloyd regains the advantage with an arm wrench, then applies a headlock. Sasuke bounces him off the ropes...shoulder bump from Lloyd. Sasuke pops to a seated position...superkick by Lloyd. Sasuke responds with an arm-drag...he hypnotizes Lloyd...Sasuke uses his jedi powers to force throw Lloyd through the door. Lloyd back to his feet...Sasuke hypnotizes him again...he sends him into a stack of light tubes. Lloyd gets put through another door. Only the table of barbed wire left...Sasuke controls Lloyd and makes him climb to the top rope...swanton onto nothing. Sasuke picks Lloyd up...he goes to Irish-whip Lloyd but Lloyd reverses it and sends Sasuke right into the barbed wire. It gets caught in the dude's back.

Lloyd and Sasuke trade strikes...Sasuke with a snapmare. He places several tubes on top of Lloyd, then climbs to the top but falls through the tubes he had set up. Lloyd meanwhile, grabs a ladder and smashes it into Sasuke's gut. Sasuke sneaks off a kick to Lloyd's gut. He sets up the ladder and places Lloyd on top. Swanton misses...his head ends up in the ladder! Lloyd with a tube...headshot. Cover...Sasuke kicks out. Fight spills to the outside, where Lloyd builds a table out of chairs, oh and yes, there are light tubes attached to the table. Sasuke drops Lloyd with a chop to the throat...he climbs to the top with Lloyd near the table...swanton misses and Sasuke goes right through the table. Lloyd capitalizes and tosses Sasuke back into the ring for a pinfall attempt...Sasuke is out at two. Lloyd constructs a chair with tubes on it, then places the board of saw blades right next to it. Sasuke climbs again...Lloyd gorilla press slams him onto the chair and through the board of blades. Sasuke kicks out...Lloyd with an electric chair saw driver. Sasuke is out.

Jimmy Lloyd wins by pinfall and advances to the next round

Another cleanup. Ring announcer says that this will be the final matchup of the first round. Toshiyuki Sakuda is out first, followed by his opponent...Alex Colon.

Toshiyuki Sakuda versus Alex Colon Round One matchup

Grappling to start. Colon with a hammerlock. Sakuda sneaks behind to apply one of his own. Colon tries to smash Sakuda into a barrel of tubes but Sakuda blocks it. Sakuda goes to his back...he pulls out bbq skewers. Each man tries to send the other into the tubes...Sakuda breaks one over his head to show he has no fear. Colon pretends to do the same but instead hits Sakuda. He whips him into a corner full of tubes. Sakuda reverses a whip and sends Colon into the other collection of tubes. Colon slide to the outside...suicide dive connects by Sakuda. He grabs the skewers...Colon stops him, and pierces Sakuda from lip to lip with the skewer. Back in the ring...Colon opens Sakuda up with a broken tube. Russian leg-sweep breaks another tube. Sakuda grabs a panel of clothespins...Colon blocks an attack and powerslams Sakuda right on top of them. Tube shot off of Sakuda's back. Sakuda pulls the skewer out of his mouth.....crowd pops loud.

Missile dropkick from Sakuda sends a tube right into Colon's chest. Pinfall but Colon escapes with ease. Sakuda pounds Colon down in the corner...tubes placed on top of him...running leg lariat off the chair and onto Colon. Sakuda bounces off the ropes...Colon powers through and connects with a lariat. Colon places Sakuda on the top...he throws a chair at his head. Colon sets up two chairs and constructs a table of tubes. He climbs for a superplex...Sakuda blocks it...sliced bread off the top and through the tubes by Sakuda! Cover...Colon kicks out. Both men on the apron...they trade strikes...Sakuda places a tube behind Colon's head...snap dragon. Back in the ring...Colon regains control and destroys more tubes with a running meteora. Sakuda kicks out. Frog splash from Colon. Another kick out. Colon double-stomps tubes through Sakuda, but Sakuda jumps right to his feet. He sets Colon up for a top rope frankensteiner through a bed of tubes...Colon catches him...styles clash through the tubes! It's over!

Alex Colon wins by pinfall and advances to the next round

Post-match, Sakuda and Colon embrace in a sign of respect.

Brief intermission to clean up. GCW cuts to footage of Bloodsport from WrestleMania weekend.

Back from break and Grim Reefer makes his way out first for a GCW scramble. Sanchez is out next, followed by Matthew Justice, Joshua Bishop, KTB, and Kikutaro.

GCW Scramble match

Fun bout, which is what these scrambles usually are. Kikutaro nearly has his fingers broken when he tries to stick them in Sanchez's butt, but Sanchez twists his body. Reefer showed off his athleticism with some high spots including a springboard DDT. Justice takes out the lot with a tope con hilo. Bishop does the same. KTB uses his power game to gain the advantage. He nearly kills Kikutaro with a pump kick, then lands a springboard moonsault. He goes for another one but Reefer catches him with a Russian leg sweet. Justice with a spear, Bishop with a chair shot to the head. Bishop goes to powerbomb Justice of the top...Justice instead picks him up and sends him through a table set up on the outside with a jumping attitude adjustment. Sanchez drops KTB with a springboard DDT. Cover...KTB kicks out. Reefer builds a table with a door and chair...KTB picks up Sanchez and Reefer in a fallaway slam/Samoan drop combo...he drops them through the chair and the door to pick up the win.

KTB wins the scramble by pinfall

Semifinals are now underway. Jimmy Lloyd is up first, he enters smoking a cigarette. G-Raver is out next. Before the match begins, Lloyd grabs a giant Jim Cornette head from the crowd, spits on it, and smashes a light tube over it. Here we go.

Jimmy Lloyd versus G-Raver Semifinal match

Action stars first with Raver smashing Lloyd with a tube. Lloyd ducks a second tube attempt and drops Raver with a trouble in paradise. Lloyd gets busted open...Raver sends Lloyd to ringside with an arm-drag/tube smash combo. Suicide dive from Raver...he turns it into an arm-drag which catapults Lloyd into the first row of the crowd. Lloyd fires back with a right hand...he goes for a razor's edge...Raver falls to his feet...he sits Lloyd in a chair, then destroys him with a running dropkick from the apron with tubes. Back in the ring...Lloyd goes for the Razor's Edge again but Raver has it scouted and turns it into a frankensteiner. Lloyd catches Raver with a roundhouse...he finally hits the Razor's edge buckle bomb...and yes...it was through some tubes.

Raver in control now...he grabs a sheet of glass from ringside, then sets up two chairs to build a glass table. Lloyd hits a right hand and puts Raver on the top rope for a superplex...Raver blocks it...he sets Lloyd up...mexican destroyer through the glass! Lloyd is out at one! Raver with a 619...Lloyd gets a fork stuck in his arm! Raver to the top...meteora! Cover...got em!

G-Raver wins by pinfall and advances to the final round

After another lengthy cleanup, and the addition of some more deathmatch materials, we're ready for the next bout. Alex Colon, still bloody from his round one match, is out first. His semifinal opponent will be...Isami Kodaka

Alex Colon versus Isami Kodaka

Colon goes for a charge to start but Kodaka nails him with a superkick. Colon with a low-blow and northern-lights in succession. Kodaka barely kicks out...Colon goes for another charge but again Kodaka counters it and sends Colon through a door set up in the corner. Kodaka then breaks four to five tubes off of Colon's head in a row. He takes a jagged edge and opens Colon up by carving at his forehead. Like the first round, Kodaka takes Colon to every side of the ring to slice him up more. Colon surprises Kodaka and sends him to the outside. He picks up two tubes...suicide dive connects! The tubes shatter over Kodaka. He quickly throws Kodaka back in...frog splash. Two count. He places two more tubes on top and climbs...coup de grace! Cover...Kodaka kicks out again. Colon targets Kodaka's chest with running PK's. Kodaka catches the last kick...dragon screw. He puts Colon on the top...top rope frankensteiner. Colon manages to escape the pinfall, but both men are exhausted. Kodaka with a brainbuster...he goes for three amigos but Colon powers out of the attempt. Axe kick from Kodaka. Thrust knee. He goes for a running superkick...Colon smashes tubes right on the mat blinding Kodaka. Backslide pin...he got em!

Alex Colon wins by pinfall and advances to the final round

Colon and Kodaka shake hands. Both receive a standing ovation. Kodaka even holds the ropes open for Colon so he can leave the ring. Kodaka grabs a microphone. He cuts a promo about loving the deathmatch tournament, but that he hasn't been able to win one yet. He brings in Sakuda, and they both put over GCW.

After a clean up, GCW recognizes the newest members of the deathmatch hall of fame Bulldozer comes out first, followed by the legendary Danny Havoc. Mad Man Pondo is last. Bulldozer gets on the microphone and says he can't thank the live crowd enough for supporting the art of deathmatch for so long. Havoc is next, who essentially says the same thing. Mad Man pumps up the people and encites several "GCW" chants. He puts over the future of deathmatch, specifically mentioning Jimmy Lloyd, Alex Colon, and of course...Nick Gage.

Connor Claxton comes out in a suit to a chorus of boos. He says that the deathmatch hall of fame is stupid before insulting all three HoF members, claiming that neither of them have talent, and that Mad Man should have quit before his career went down hill. Claxton says that we lost a bunch of great talents to drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and wishes that Danny Havoc was one of them. That leads to an attack...Mad Man breaks a light tube over Claxton's groin...Havoc droops him with a snap dragon, and Bulldozer crushes a metal crate over his head. Loud pops from the crowd. The legends stand tall to end the segment.

The ropes are taken down, and barbed wire is placed for the final. The deathmatch weapons are set up. G-Raver is out first, he carries needles in his mouth. Alex Colon is out second...and ladies and gentlemen...your deathmatch tournament of survival finale.

Alex Colon versus G-Raver Tournament Final

Brawl to begin. It turns into a hockey fight...Colon pushes Raver through the barbed wire ropes! Raver falls to the outside...referees and security surround him. It was a nasty bump and he may be legitimately really hurt, as he hit his head incredibly hard on the arena floor. He's helped to the back.

Shlak appears. He and Colon go at it with light tubes. Jimmy Lloyd comes out! He nails Shlak! Mayhem all over the ring. Shlak whips a bundle of tubes into Lloyd. All three men destroy each other...commentary says that this is now a triple-threat for the tournament finals.

Alex Colon versus G-Raver versus Jimmy Lloyd Tournament Final

Lloyd gets tosses onto a box on the outside. Shlak with a suplex to Colon. Colon blinds Shlak with a tube. He takes Shlak to the outside for a brawl. Shlak suplexes Colon into a series of chairs. Lloyd gets involved again but eats a light tube shot for his troubles. Colon sets up a ladder in the ring...he pierces Lloyd in the head with a shard of tube. Superkick. Colon picks Lloyd up...DVD through a table of tubes. Referee counts the pin...Alex Colon gets the win.

Alex Colon wins by pinfall to win the tournament

Feed cuts out right as his hand is raised.

That's the show friends .