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Last week, the ECW legends, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and Rob Van Dam got extreme against The North and Moose. Things got heated quickly, and the temperature would continue to rise when the Dreamer, Sabu, and Van Dam took the win by pinfall from RVD’s five-star frog splash. Glenn Gilberrti just couldn’t back up all the rude remarks he has made the past couple months about the Impact Knockouts, when Tessa Blanchard knocked him with with multiple strikes. Speaking of personal, Eddie Edwards seeked his revenge on Killer Kross, after Kross broke Edward’s pal/kendo stick, Kenny, right in front of him two weeks ago. The street fight was the right call for the two men, as Edwards picked up the win and a new friend, ECW legend, Sandman, who during the commercial break, gave Edwards his kendo stick.

The main event was a tag team match between Willie Mack & Rich Swann versus Michael Elgin & Johnny Impact. Things were not looking up between Elgin and Impact as both seemed to collide more then get along. Because of that, Mack and Swann took advantage of a lone Impact with a 450 splash and a win.

Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake

The show kicks off with a singles match between the magician and one half of The Deaners. Austin doesn’t like being pushed into the corner, so he pushes back against Jake. Jake then grabs him by the neck, only to have Austin reverse it with a kick. Austin then hurricanranas Jake. Austin then gets a few back hand slaps on Jake, only for Jake to step out of the squared circle. Jake gets a running start, and slammed right into Austin’s back. Austin is putting all his weight into Jake. He then takes one of his cards to paper cut Jake and then a big boot.

Austin tries to pin Jake, only for a count of 2 before Jake kicks out. Fans are cheering with all their might towards Jake, who is stomach first on the mat getting kicked in the elbow, punched in the back of the head, then back into a submission. Jake finally gets up to push off Austin. Austin tries another chop, but does not find any success in it. Austin kicks Jake in the side of the head. Jake just about took Austin’s head off, with both men down on the mat. Jake is slowly getting up, and now both men are back up.

Jake needs the motivation from the crowd to plant Austin. Feeling successful, he pins Austin, only for a count of 2 kick out. The Desi Hit Squad decides to distract The Deaners, with Jake trying to help his friend in need. Because of the distraction, Austin is able to pin Jake, and win the match by pinfall.

Winner: Ace Austin

Backstage: Melissa Santos interviews Taya Valkyrie and asks about how she feels about going up against Rosemary later tonight. Valkyrie says its not her fault that Rosemary is obsessed with her. She doesn’t get why she can’t take the hint that she is Mrs. Hollywood and Rosemary is just a demon.
Josh Mathews and Don Callis discuss the rest of the match ups for tonight, which the main event will be LAX versus the Rascalz for the Impact World Tag Team Championships. The show transitions to the next match of the night.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary (with Su Yung)

Valkyrie walks into the match up with all the confidence in the world. Rosemary is not too far behind her. She drags with her by chain Su Yung, and ties her at ringside for her to watch her match. Valkyrie has the stronger hand in the beginning, putting Rosemary in the corner to only hit, stomp, and kick her. She continues kneeing Rosemary in the face, and pauses in between to laugh at the audience. Rosemary is able to climb up and put Valkyrie in the upside down. Rosemary lets go only to climb the top rope, and fall to the mat with no Valkyrie in sight.

Rosemary is able to slingblade Valkyrie and gets her back up to do a reverse DDT. She tries to pin Valkyrie, only to get a 2 count before Valkyrie to kick out.

Out of no where, while Rosemary is trying to put Valkyrie into a submission, heavy metal music starts to play, and here comes Jessicka Havok running down the ramp into the ring to go right after Rosemary. Havok then hits Rosemary with a tombstone piledriver and then went over to Valkyrie and choke slammed her.

Winner: Rosemary by DQ

Backstage in The Clubhouse: The Rascalz all discuss their strategy about going up against LAX tonight for the Impact Tag Team Championship titles. Trey feels a little left out since his friends Dez and Wentz will be fighting for the titles. They settle it at the end with nothing but positive vibes.

The Impact Flashback of the Week is Shane Douglas vs. Raven: Hair vs. Hair match from September 17, 2003.

Backstage: Edwards is trying to interrupt Sandman’s phone call to say that he cannot accept the kendo stick that Sandman gave to him last week, since he feels it wouldn’t be fair to Kenny. Sandman then takes the kendo stick and changes it a bit for Edwards to accept it and name it Kenny 2.0.

Back to the show, a promo package is shown of Brian Cage back at the gym trying to recover faster then before to be a part of Slammiversary.

Backstage: Elgin talks straight into the camera, telling Cage to watch himself and that all the pain he is inflicting on his opponents, is a message to what is to be expected once Cage comes back.

This transitions to the third match of the night

Madman Fulton (with Sami Callihan) vs. Two Newcomers

Callihan hits Fulton after the bell rings to motivate his monster to take down the two newcomers against him. Fulton then takes the second opponent to suplex him into his partner that is laying on the mat. Fulton then bites one of the new opponents and throws him with one arm across the ring. With both men down, he grabs one of them by the neck and does the same to the other newcomer only to throw them back down again. Double chokeslam comes next, and then an end of days after Callihan screams to Fulton to “kill them.”

Winner: Madman Fulton

Post-Match: Callihan is now on the rampage about Scarlett Bordeaux getting involved in something she shouldn’t be a part of. Callihan then tells Dave and Jake Crist to come down to the ring and get their match started against Bordeaux and Fallah Bahh.

oVe (Dave and Jake Crist) vs. Fallah Bahh and Scarlett Bordeaux

Bahh is now in the ring taking care of business with Dave. Even though he had the momentum for a few minutes, Bahh is down and is being thumbed in the eye by Dave. Jake then gets tagged in to continue the beat down on Bahh. Bordeaux is in the corner begging for her partner to just tag her in. Bahh gets on his feet to throw Dave out of the ring. Bordeaux is close for a tag until she gets taken out and falls off the apron. After getting back up, Bordeaux is all over Jake with a tilt-a-whirl flip. Bordeaux then climbs to the top rope to take out the Crist Brothers. Bordeaux is able to reverse and waits for Bahh, she climbs up on the top rope again to hit him with the doomsday device. Dave then throws Bordeaux out of ring to pin Bahh and take the win.

Winners: oVe (Dave and Jake Crist)

Post-Match: The Crist Brothers try to do more damage to Bordeaux, but before they are able to, Tessa Blanchard runs out to Bordeaux’s rescue.

Backstage: Santos is interviewing Mack and Swann and asks them about next week’s match that Mack will have against Elgin. Mack says he is not afraid of Elgin and he will put an end to Elgin’s emergency hits. Then Impact comes in to interrupt and threatens that both Mack and Swann’s ride will come to an end sooner rather than later.

Out back (after commercials): Callihan is beyond furious that Jake and Dave lost to Bordeaux and also that they didn’t do anything when the “Diamond Princess,” Blanchard, came to help Bordeaux. He then ends their talk saying they’re not done with Blanchard.

Speaking of Knockouts, another match is scheduled among two other women who have been a part of the Rosemary/Yung saga from a couple of months back.

Kiera Hogan vs. Jordynne Grace

Another Knockout match for tonight’s show. This time the audience is chanting “Big Mamma Pump,” after Grace enters the ring. Grace tries to pin Hogan twice, only to get the 2 count each time. Hogan tries to hit Grace and yells out “psych” only for Grace to punch her right near the mouth. Hogan has Grace in the ropes, hoping that a few holds and punches will slow Grace down.

Grace reverses the suplex that Hogan was attempting to do. Hogan then tries to pin Grace, and kicks out at the 2 count. Hogan kicks Grace. With her back turned, Grace then spine busters her onto the mat. Grace then gives Hogan a hard boot to the face. Hogan then neck breaks Grace, to try to snag a win, only for Grace to kick out at the 2 count.

Grace lifts Hogan and spins her onto the mat for another pin. No luck for Grace, as Hogan kicks out at the 2 mark once again. Grace then Grace drives her and goes for the pin, which lands Grace with a successful win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Backstage: Konnan is telling Santana and Ortiz to stop sleeping and wake up. They are up next and cannot mess up this match. He warns them if they don’t do well, they might be hearing the words “And the new tag team champions…”

After the commercial break, Moose is done with Van Dam and his homecoming parade on Impact. Moose is tired of the “Whole F’n Show” so he wants to challenge him at Slammiversary and will make Van Dam’s life a living hell until he says yes.

Main Event: Impact World Tag Team Championships are on the line

LAX (c) vs Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Wentz)

Single leg take down by Ortiz begins the match. Shoulders are down on Wentz only for him to kick out at 2. The camera shifts over to Konnan, who is talking to Callis about something he said about LAX’s athleticism. Callis corrects himself, and then the camera turns back to the action in the ring.

Santana picks up Wentz by the hair and starts kicking him. He then lifts Wentz’s up to bounce his back off his knee. Wentz is on the mat slowing climbing up on Santana. Santana makes the tag to Ortiz. Ortiz and Santana tag team on Wentz before Santana goes back to his corner. Santana gets tagged back into the match a few minutes after Ortiz took over. Wentz is able to rock Santana to the mat. Both men are down and trying to craw towards their partners.

Dez back elbows Ortiz and then drop kicks Ortiz’s spine. Another big dive comes from Dez on the outside of the ring towards Ortiz. With Konnan in the ring, both the main men are down. Ortiz tries to pin Wentz’s shoulders to the mat, only to hear a 2 kick out. Trey is coaching Dez, who is on the apron and telling him he can pull through this.

Ortiz tags Santana to take on Dez. Dez does a solid kick towards the side of Santana’s face. Ortiz powerslams Wentz. Ortiz now targets Trey by trying to get a swig of alcohol that Trey has. Ortiz accidentally spits the liquor at the referee’s face, causing for the original ref to have to move over to the opposite side of the ring.

Trey, who wasn’t in the match got the pin, they had to send in a second ref. At first it was announced that the Rascalz won. However, the refs reversed the decision and LAX retains.

Winners: LAX after a reverse call

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