Independent wrestler Dylan Bostic shared a memory about the time he was on SmackDown Live and was in a match with former WWE star Ryback. Bostic posted a clip of the match and wrote, "7 years ago today I wrestled Ryback on Smackdown! Remember life is about the journey and not the destination. You'll always look back at the times you struggled and worked to get where you are!"

Ryback noticed the mention and responded with a little back story. He shared, "Back story on this was I was walking in the back and saw you guys say 2 is greater than 1. Being dumb as f--- I didn't think that was correct and had to come to the ring and handle business."

Since then Bostic has wrestled in Ohio Valley Wrestling where he was the OVW TV Champion and OVW Southern Tag Team Champion. He also wrestled for other promotions like at IWC Super Indy 18, where he defeated Britt Baker.