Independent wrestler David Starr took to Twitter yesterday to retweet a clip that was shared in 2017 about Jim Cornette using racial slurs. After he shared that tweet, Starr shared the full YouTube video from FujiVice titled, “Jim Cornette racist rant,” which you can listen to the NSFW video above.

In the first tweet, Starr admitted that there was an epidemic of people in the wrestling community policing Jim Cornette, but Starr added that, “Well, this seems like an appropriate time to police wrestling.” He then asked Cornette his own thoughts.

In the second tweet with the full video, Starr compared it to the time when Sam Adonis called a fan a homophobic slur last year.

Also according to the comments in the thread, that same day, Cornette made fun of Nathan Taylor, who is a wrestler with Cerebral Palsy. You can read his comment below:

While he didn’t call out anyone in particular, Jim Cornette did write today, “Note to all outlaw mud show play rasslers: I know you all want me to make you stars today, but I’m kinda busy–if you’ll save your tweets til tomorrow, I’ll see if I can get you some attention. I only have so much time to get your dead asses over. Thanks.”

Below is Starr’s tweets as well as Cornette’s comment: