New Japan Pro Wrestling star Juice Robinson recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and said he wants revenge on Jon Moxley for capturing the IWGP United States Title earlier this month. Juice will get his rematch on August 11 during the NJPW G1 Climax tournament.

“Revenge, that’s the word,” said Robinson. “I want revenge on Jon Moxley, and I’ll get it. He has so much charisma and an incredible persona in the ring, and that makes me level up. I want to wrestle Mox every f—ing day.”

Robinson continued and said he’s just a regular guy trying to fit in with the top stars coming to NJPW.

“My goal is to have that Moxley match at Ryogoku any time my number is called,” Robinson continued. “I need to be able to rise to the occasion and immediately kick ass. People are always going to come here because this is the best wrestling company in the world. No one can argue that. So I have to try to hold my ground. Big stars come in?Cody comes in, Jericho comes in, Moxley comes in. Now I’m not on their level, but I’m working to get there. I am trying to compete with some big stars, and I am doing everything I can to compete with them. Ospreay, Ibushi, Kenta, there are so many talented people here. I’m just a regular guy trying to fit in.”

Juice, formerly known as CJ Parker in WWE NXT, left the company in 2015 and said the Juice character is a far cry from the person fans knew him as in NXT. Juice said he’s never going back to WWE.

“CJ Parker has been dead for a long time,” Robinson said. “People will ask me about WWE, but that’s over. I’m never going there again. Let’s stop talking about what I’ve done. Let’s move on and judge me based on what I do now. Watch it and feel it, because this is it.”

Juice said he’s ready to unleash a new side of his soul to the world of pro wrestling this summer. He issued a final warning to Moxley.

“And Mox, he should watch his back,” Robinson said. “He’s in New Japan, this is my world. I can’t wait to see him in the G1.”