WWE Champion Kofi Kingston recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to discuss his recent homecoming trip to Ghana. Kofi talked about how important it is to represent people who share similar backgrounds as him, and how it fills him with immense pride to be able to do so.

"It's important for representation to be prevalent, where someone can look at the screen and see someone that looks like them doing wonderful and amazing things," said Kingston. "When I became WWE champion, that was a chance for me to represent kids who look like me."

Kofi said representation is of the utmost importance, as if embodying a message and work ethic that is universally relatable. Kofi said his story has transcended race.

"My story is not just about race, it has transcended race," said Kingston. "My story had been one of struggle. Anyone, from any background, can relate to struggling. Having a conflict, not believing you could accomplish your goal, and people holding you down and telling you that you can't do something; I have been in all of those positions. I've had the option of quitting or to keep fighting. I want to set the example for everyone, and that doesn't matter about race, as long as you're willing to fight to achieve what you want to achieve.

"I think that's why people were so happy I won at WrestleManiaŚmy story is much bigger than one race. It's a story where people of all ethnicities can relate. That's why I've put so much pressure on myself to be the best WWE champion I can be."

Kofi also talked about Brock Lesnar possibly challenging him with the Money In the Bank briefcase. Kingston said he welcomes The Beast.

"I'm not ruling out Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar showing up on SmackDown and cashing in," Kofi said. "Until Brock actually cashes in his contract, there is always a target on my back."

Kofi continued and said the fact that Lesnar has been chasing WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins only adds fuel to his fire. He said, "That has been the story of my career. I'm not necessarily believed in. But I would love for him to cash in his contract on me, putting me in that David vs. Goliath role. That's something I would welcome. I want to become the best WWE champion of all time, so I want to go up against the best competition. And Brock is one of the best. Brock is going to have to be up for a fight if he challenges me, but I'd welcome it."

Another memorable opponent for Kofi would be Shane McMahon. Kofi said he would love to mix it up with the self-proclaimed Best In The World.

"I would love to fight Shane, and I would love to get Vince in the ring, too," he said. "I think it's really cool that Shane is in this role of walking the line of an authoritative figure, but, at the same time, is an active superstar. Shane does some pretty crazy things in the ring, as you see in every single match that he has, so I would love to mix it up with him."