Impact's Rebellion ended with LAX and the Lucha Bros embracing each other after a hard fought Full Metal Mayhem match. Konnan manages LAX but he knows the Lucha Bros well and he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast about the feud between those teams.

"I motivate them as much as I can; I don't have to do it as much as I used too. But I used to motivate all four of them in different ways. My whole thing was, this was beautiful and was the end of a beautiful feud," Konnan said before putting over recent feuds with OGz and oVe.

"I told all four of them that I was proud of them and I loved them. They are like sons to me."

The Lucha Bros have been in Impact Wrestling for a little over one year, and according to Konnan, that was likely the last Impact fans will see of the brothers.

"There's a good chance that they are on to other things," stated Konnan.

As for what he sees next for LAX, he said that Impact could go in a variety of directions with different feuds.

"I'm not sure because I know we did something with The Rascalz and I don't know if that's gonna continue and we did something with The North. So, we have two ways we can go, but there seems to be more tag teams now which is good. I think this week we will probably discuss what the new direction will be," said Konnan before putting over how crisp he thinks the work LAX is doing right now including backstage vignettes. Their great work is also going noticed by others in Impact.

"Everybody is picking up their game and competing, but in a really cool way. It's not like when I first broke into the business where there was a lot of jealousy and cliques. I even saw that in the middle of my career too, but it's now where everybody helps each other."

Konnan mentioned The Rascalz and he's a big fan of their gimmick. He also said he sees great things for them in the future.

"They're great. Just personally, they're real cool and super talented," Konnan said before adding that he worked with Dezmond Xavier and Trey Miguel before. "Real cool guys and very talented as you can tell by their 70s Show skits. They're funny too and that's good because if you can wrestle and you have some humor about you, which they do, they're gonna be a very valuable act in the future."

Konnan serves as a part of Impact's creative team which means he gets lots of feedback and requests from talent. In the wake of Jon Moxley's explosive interview where he aired out his grievances with WWE creative, Konnan was asked if he was blown up by talent that was unhappy.

"I think we've been seeing that little-by-little with people being frustrated with the lack of creativity, direction and upward mobility," Konnan said before mentioning Moxley and PAC fka Neville.

Konnan then talked about how in Mexico there was a situation where CMLL acquired all of this talent but didn't know what to do with it. They then hemorrhaged top talent and Triple A picked them all up.

"There's so many people that there's not enough work to go around," stated Konnan. "You can't push everybody at the same time and it was counter-productive so they ended up going back over there. I think to myself that it's good to have competition because there's another place to work. I just think WWE has way too much talent that they don't know what to do with and a lot of them are frustrated."

Konnan can be seen every Friday night, 10 pm EST, on Impact Wrestling via Pursuit and Twitch.

Wrestling Inc's full interview with Konnan was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be listened to via the embedded player at the bottom of this post. During the interview Konnan discusses what's next for LAX, LAX's "beautiful" feud with the Lucha Bros, why he told Michael Elgin not to work for Triple A, Impact looking for a new TV home, The Rascalz pushing stoner humor and more.

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