– The above video is from the Bella Twins YouTube channel. In the video, Nikki Bella reveals her unseen Maid of Honor dresses. Earlier this week, Nikki Bella was nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Award, “Queen of Swag.” The award show will be on July 17.

– WWE has just released more GIFs for their GIPHY channel. The new GIFs include Shayna Baszler’s reaction to seeing her friend Jessamyn Duke’s arm get stomped by Io Shirai, the Singh Brothers dancing, and Carmella’s reaction to R-Truth’s story about how far he was up in the sky. You can check out the new GIFs, here.

– When asked about the craziest rumor that he’s heard about himself, Lance Storm answered when Wikipedia said that he died. According to the former WWE and WCW star, this has not only happened once but twice.

Below is his response: