Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine has published their new interview with WWE SmackDown Superstar Mandy Rose. As noted, Rose is featured on the cover of the Summer 2019 M&F Hers issue.

M&F noted that Rose is a recognizable star in and out of the ring, and known as much for her storylines and looks as she is for her prowess between the ropes. Rose talked about finding success as a WWE Superstar and said you've got to be the total package to make it.

"You've got to have charisma and other things in addition to athleticism," Rose said. "But I've got my background in fitness, I've done my training and put time in to develop my craft. So I can push the envelope with those seductive storylines but still show people that I can kick butt, too."

Rose recently launched a new fitness app called Fit With Mandy, which features a 12 week at-home program that was designed for people of all ages and skill levels. The program is user-friendly and requires minimal equipment. Rose said she wants to share her love for fitness with anyone she can, including her nearly 2 million Instagram followers. She said, "My first love will always be fitness, so I want to share that with as many people as I can."

Rose said she's excited to continue her role with WWE and she's looking forward to seeing how far women can go in the world of sports entertainment. She said, "Women are breaking down barriers, I'm so grateful and honored to be a part of it."

For those who missed it, below is Mandy's cover. The issue is available on newsstands now.