Over a dozen years ago, Melina and Mickie James competed in the very first women’s Falls Count Anywhere match where Melina retained the Women’s Championship. Melina reflected on that match when she joined Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia.

“I am very proud of that. I was very excited that my dreams were coming true. That attitude that I can’t believe that they trusted us with this,” said Melina. “Part of me wished [for that] because I was a manager for so long that I would have reached a level of deserving. I wanted to be undeniable and amazing. I wanted to learn more because, I guess, I don’t know, I had a level of what I wanted to be so for all that to happen so soon I thought I was undeserving.

“So, in my mind I was telling myself that I was undeserving, but when I had the title I was like, ‘no I have to make this count.’ I have to make this mean something. It wasn’t about the worth, because people like to twist things around. When I said that I had to make this mean something I wasn’t referring to the women’s title. The title already was incredible what I wanted to make it mean was the title run for me in that position for me to step up during the time that I have. To be better for the title, better for the storyline and I just needed to be better overall.”

While in WWE, Melina dated John Morrison aka Johnny Impact and was also linked to other Superstars. Melina talked about the pros and cons of dating someone in the wrestling industry.

“Dating somebody within wrestling, yeah they understand wrestling but at the same time they don’t understand. Or back then they don’t understand what you go through as a female in the female locker room or when a female wants a certain storyline and what you are trying to accomplish because there is still a disconnect because they are going through what they go through in their world and we were going through what we were going through in our world. That is a relationship all throughout the board,” revealed Melina.

While dating another wrestler has its advantages and disadvantages, the same can be said for dating someone outside of wrestling because they don’t realize what all you go through as a wrestler.

“Whether it is somebody in wrestling or outside of wrestling, there will always be pluses and minuses,” stated Melina. “You would think that dating somebody outside of wrestling they would accept you for who you are and there’s this homelife where you get to disconnect and recharge. But at the same time a person outside of wrestling is always worried about who you are interacting with inside of wrestling. Them not understanding what you are going through. There is no better or not; it’s just finding that one person who understands both.”

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.