Everyone is still talking about Jon Moxley’s revealing interview on Talk is Jericho where he mentioned all of his issues in WWE. Moxley now shares a locker room with MJF who was one of the first wrestlers to sign with AEW in January.

MJF talked about Moxley’s interview and his presence in AEW when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“Jon Moxley is not someone I would hang out with on the weekends and drink with. He’s not my cup of tea,” admitted MJF. “Does he have star power? Absolutely. Does he look like he should take a shower or two? Absolutely.

“I think he brings a tremendous amount of star power to our company that already has an insane amount of star power. ?He absolutely fits the bill.”

When asked if he would ever step into the ring with Moxley, MJF said that he would welcome the match. He also said they would tear the house down, but of course MJF would be victorious.

As for the Jericho interview, MJF sounds like he’s glad that he never worked for an organization like WWE.

“I have never been a part of a business where I wasn’t allowed to be myself, nor would I ever want to be. So I am glad that Jonathan feels now that his artistic ability to let his freak flag fly and be himself is back on. He can be the best Jon Moxley he can possibly be. All the power to him,” stated MJF.

With AEW, MJF gets to work with a host of incredible talented coaches and producers including Billy Gunn, Dean Malenko and Jerry Lynn. MJF was asked which of those coaches he enjoys working with the most.

“I don’t really need anybody’s help,” stated MJF. “Also, f*ck Jerry Lynn. Next question.”

When asked what he has against Lynn, who is considered one of the best and nicest guys in wrestling, MJF said his reputation is just that: a reputation.

“He’s just a bad person. People go around and talk about how nice Jerry Lynn is. It’s all a mirage, it’s all hearsay and BS,” said MJF. “You’re talking about a guy who walked up to me, put his hand out and said, ‘Great job kid.’ The sarcasm was dripping at the mouth. The arrogance was pulsating through his pores and it was disgusting. I never wanna have to make eye contact with him ever again and I never will.

“You can quote me on this, ‘MJF says f*ck Jerry Lynn.’ Next question.”

Wrestling Inc’s full interview with MJF will air next week on one of our WINCLY podcast episodes. You can check out past episodes of the WINCLY here.

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