Welcome to the Wrestling Inc recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight’s show takes place from the Waukesha County Expo Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Jimmy Havoc stands over a grave of Sami Callihan. Footage of Callihan’s match with Mance Warner from last week’s Fusion is played. Camera reveals that Havoc is standing with Salina de la Renta. Salina tells Callihan to rest in peace, then calls him a warthog.

MLW Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype tonight’s main event: a tornado tag team grudge match featuring MLW heavyweight champion Tom Lawlor teaming with Ross and Marshall Von Erich to face the Contra Unit. (Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, Simon Gotch). Low Ki will also be in action tonight following his knockout victory over Ricky Martinez.

Dynasty’s music hits. MJF makes his way out with Aria Blake to join the commentary table. MJF grabs a headset and does his signature introduction. He says that his friend Richard Holliday is going to beat Teddy Hart senseless.

Teddy Hart makes his way out. Hart poses in front of MJF with the tag title, and hands Bocchini his necklace. Hart throws his jacket into MJF’s face and looks as if he’s going to attack him. Cornette fleas. Richard Holliday comes out of nowhere and batters Hart from behind. He and MJF lay into Hart with clubbing blows. MJF hits Hart in the ribs with a chair, then smash his face with the MLW tag title. Holliday and MJF steal the belt and escape as the rest of the Hart Foundation run them off to end the segment.

Commentary tells us that the scheduled match between Hart and Holliday has been scrapped because of Dynasties attack. Flashback to last week’s main event between Mance Warner and Sami Callihan in a Loser Leaves Town match. Warner would emerge victorious after a brutal battle. Cut to an interview from earlier in the day with Warner. He’s drinking a beer and tells Salina that he’s pissed off. She made him run off Callihan, and because of that, he’s going headhunting on Promociones Dorado. He threatens each member, specifically Jimmy Havoc, and promises to knock him right back where he came from. “One by one…Ole Mancer taking you out.”

Back to the arena, Jordan Oliver makes his way out for our opening contest. His opponent…Isaias Velazquez…is already in the ring.

Jordan Oliver versus Isaias Velazquez

Oliver charges Velazquez in the corner but Velazquez dodges. Nice sequence of counters…headscissor takedown from Velazquez. Oliver fires right back with a chop, then puts Velazquez on the top. Oliver bounces off the ropes…Velaquez bounces over him…big dropkick sends Oliver to the outside. Velazquez in pursuit…he throws him back inside and climbs to the middle ropes…Oliver bumps the ropes droppking Velazquez on his groin…springboard DDT by Oliver. Cover…only two. Oliver slows the pace…he strikes Velazquez in the corner. Velazquez responds with a chop of his own…Oliver doesn’t like that and beats Velazquez down. Oliver nearly wins the match with a jumping roundhouse. Headlock applied. Velazquez rallies…two lariats, followed by a billy-jack kick. He plants Oliver with a tornado DDT but Oliver gets the shoulder up on the pinfall attempt. Velazquez climbs to the top…double-stomp misses…Oliver takes advantage and hits a springboard stunner, followed by a second-rope cutter. Got em.

Jordan Oliver wins by pinfall

Video promo hyping the Von Erich brothers signing with MLW. Footage of press releases and highlights of their careers up until this point are played.

Footage of Flamita and Rey Horus’ bout from last week is played. Flamita picked up the victory with a 450 splash. Recap of the events of the top of the show are played, when Dynasty attacked Teddy Hart prior to his match with Richard Holliday. Commentary speculates that it was a planned attack. Footage of Dynasty leaving the arena is shown.

Low Ki’s knockout victory over Ricky Martinez is played. Cut back to the arena where Low Ki is making his way to the ring. His opponent…a man named Tom Coffey…is already in the ring.

Low Ki versus Tom Coffey

Low Ki nails Coffey with a running elbow. Coffey can’t defend himself…referee stops the match.

Low Ki wins due to referee stoppage

Backstage Low Ki cuts a promo while walking out of the arena. He says that this is where the big boys play, and that he was the longest reigning champion in MLW history. He calls out Contra Unit. “What you guys will realize…the box that you opened up…is coming your way. Gentlemen, you are now in the sights of the professional,” growls Low Ki.

Promo from Contra. Josef Samael says that Lawlor must have PTE for bringing the Von Erichs. They are old news. Gotch calls himself the hellfire. Fatu reminds the world that he nearly burned Fenix’s face off. Samael ends the segment by promising a massacre in Milwaukee.

Dr. Wagner Jr. will be arriving in MLW soon!

Preview of MLW Kings of Colosseum in Chicago, where “Filthy” Tom Lawlor defends the MLW heavyweight championship against Jacob Fatu.

Main event time. Contra Unit is out first. (Simon Gotch, Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael). The champ and the Von Erichs come through the crowd and attack from behind! Here we go.

Tom Lawlor & the Von Erichs versus Contra

Lawlor goes right after Fatu tossing him from the ring and hitting a sprinboard plancha. Ross and Marshall beat down Samael and Gotch, double corner lariats. Von Erichs lock them in the claw! Lawlor nails Fatu in the back with a chair but he shakes it off and breaks up the submission inside the ring. Fatu and Marshall face-off. Fatu with a big right hand…Marshall destroys him with a standing lariat. Samael from behind…he and Fatu stomp Marshall down. Triple-team by Contra…Lawlor jumps on Fatu’s back and applies the rear naked choke. Gotch pulls Lawlor off Fatu. Marshall suplexes Samael. Fatu and Lawlor continue to brawl at ringside.

Fatu comes in with a chair…Ross with a dropkick…Marshall with one…double-dropkick! Crowd going nuts for the Von Erichs. All six men fight on the outside. Lawlor smashes a beer off of Fatu’s face. Samael shoves Ross into the barricade, then claws at his eyes. Foot choke. Meanwhile, Fatu has gotten the better of Lawlor again…back suplex on the apron. Another one. Gotch and Samael grab duct tape and tie Lawlor up to the ringpost. A referee eventually cuts him free. Fatu lands a moonsault onto Marshall. Lawlor runs backstage and grabs a board. He breaks it off of Fatu’s head, then kicks Fatu in the groin! Marshall and Ross with a claw slam/back suplex combo. Cover on Gotch…it’s over!

Tom Lawlor & the Von Erichs win by pinfall

Post-match the fight continues. Gotch and Lawlor need to be pulled apart by referees and security. Chaos all over the place. Gotch threatens to stab an official with a broken piece of wood. Eventually order is restored and the six men are separated. An MLW producer was injured in the scuffle, which commentary makes a note of. Contra comes back and the fight stars again! Fatu punches out the ring announcer! This is mayhem! Fatu puts a referee through a table! Bocchini and Cornette are going screaming for something to be done about Contra. Lawlor poses with the Von Erichs after Contra leaves.

That’s the show friends.