Welcome to the Wrestling Inc's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the Waukesha County Expo Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Promo from Contra's Josef Samael. He calls out MLW heavyweight champion Tom Lawlor ahead of their matchup on tonight's show and reminds him that he defends the title next week against fellow stable member Jacob Fatu. "You can't defend a championship if you can't see. You can't defend a championship if you can't breathe," growls Samael. Fatu hops in...he tells Lawlor that his time is up.

Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They interview Marshall and Ross Von Erich about their victory in last week's main event when they teamed with Tom Lawlor to defeat Contra in a six-man tag. The Von Erichs say that they were happy to back up the champion and show the world what they are made of. "Expect to see a lot more of that from the Von Erichs."

Adam Brooks makes his way to the ring for our opening contest of the evening. He'll be facing a debuting Austin Aries. Large ovation for Aries, as Wisconsin is his home-state. Commentary reminds us that Aries wrestled for MLW last year for Fusion's premiere.

Adam Brooks versus Austin Aries

Leg kick from Aries to start. He takes Brooks to the mat...Brooks gains the upper hand and brings Aries back to his feet with a waistlock. Aries transitions out of the hold into a headlock. Nice sequence of mat wrestling from both men. Aries attempts to apply the Last Chancery but Brooks has it scouted and rolls to the ropes. They separate...Brooks offers a hand to Aries...Aries responds by stomping Brooks in the chest and taunting him to get up. Pace picks up...Aries carwheels to avoid an attack...arm-drag from Aries, followed by a headstand into a dropkick. They reset.

Aries with another headlock. Brooks breaks free. He sweeps Aries' leg from the apron, then nails him with a corner dropkick. Pinfall...Aries kicks out and slides to ringside. Brooks in pursuit...Aries catches him with an elbow coming back into the ring. Auries goes for a neckbreaker through the ropes...Brooks with a stunner over the ropes. Aries dazed...Brooks with a step-through stunner! Aries goes to the outside again. Brooks fakes a suicide dive...he jumps to the apron...superkick. Back in the ring Brooks climbs...Aries with a big left hand...he climbs for a superplex...Brooks knocks him off and resets...he jumps over Aries but runs into a boot. Brooks goes for a backpack stunner...Aries with an ear clap...Brooks goes down and Aries goes for the Last Chancery again....blocked...Aries unloads a flurry of elbows over Brooks head. Aries picks him up...snapmare...he climbs the middle-rope...elbow to the back of Brooks' head. Cover...only two.

Aries dumps Brooks to the apron...this time Aries hits the neckbreaker through the ropes. Aries goes for his signature lower rope suicide dive but Brooks surprises him with an elbow! Brooks goes to the apron...slingshot DDT. Both men are down. Overhand chop by Aries. Brooks fires back with a corner dropkick...roll-up by Aries...he switches into the Last Chancery! Brooks in trouble...he makes it to the ropes. Aries can't believe it. He sets up Brooks for a suplex to the outside...no one can gain the advantage. Brooks goes for an apron DDT...Aries catches him...DVD on the apron! Brooks is out...Aries climbs...450...Brooks gets the knees up! He picks Aries up...overhead neckbreaker! Aries kicks out! Brooks climbs...swanton...Aries gets the knees up! Discus elbow, dropkick, and a brainbuster in succession by Aries. That'll do it.

Austin Aries wins by pinfall

Post-match, Kaci Lennox comes to the ring to interview Aries. It takes a second to begin, as the crowd is cheering him loudly. As Lennox goes to talk, Aries grabs the microphone from her and says that it feels good to be home. He says that he's set his sights on where they need to be set and gotten focused since leaving his "old employer" (IMPACT). He says he feels there is a war going on in the world of professional wrestling. "The key term there is professional wrestling...not sports entertainment." Aries calls himself the last real magician in professional wrestling because he makes the people believe. Aries reminds the people that he is a middleweight...and that's bad news for one man...Teddy Hart. "People might think you're an asshole...not compared to this one." Huge ovation as Aries leaves.

Recap of Dynasty's attack on Teddy Hart from last week's Fusion. MJF and Richard Holliday would steal Teddy Hart's tag team championship belt following the assault.

A promo from earlier in the day shows Dynasty tanning in a park. Holliday tells a story about taking money from an orphange, and how possession is nine-tenths of the law, making them the tag team champions. Hammerstone jokes about wanting to get a Hulk Hogan tan, while MJF walks off with a girl.

Commentary hypes the main event...Tom Lawlor versus Josef Samael. Another promo from Samael. He says this week...he's out for blood...and next week...Fatu will take his title.

Video package hyping Savio Vega's appearance in MLW.

Footage of last week's brutal bout between Contra Unit and Tom Lawlor/Von Erichs. The champ and the debuting brothers would pick up the victory after an iron claw/back suplex combo. The fight didn't end there, with both teams brawling all over the arena to close the show.

A handicap match is next. Contra Unit's Jacob Fatu makes his way down to the ring. His opponents, Ariel Dominguez and Sam Black, are already in the ring.

Jacob Fatu versus Ariel Dominguez & Sam Black in a handicap match

Fatu splashes both men in the corner. He rag dolls Dominguez halfway cross the ring, then decapitates Black with a superkick. Handspring moonsault onto Black. Dominguez hits Fatu with a springboard lariat but it has no affect. Pop-up samoan drop. Fatu piles Black and Dominguez onto each other. He climbs...moonsault. It's over.

Jacob Fatu wins by pinfall

As soon as the bell ring, Josef Samael and Simon Gotch join Fatu in attacking Black and Dominguez. They clear the ring and stand tall to end the segment.

Preview for MLW's next lineup of shows: Kings of Colosseum and Never Say Never.

Backstage Salina de la Renta is interviewed. She's asked if the Sami Callihan and Mance Warner matchup went too far a couple of weeks ago. Salina says her produced episode did great ratings, and that no one cares about a sheep f****r like Warner anyway. She says that it must be so hard for so many men to see a 22-year old woman in charge.

A rundown of the MLW card for Kings of Colosseum is shown. Show is next week in Chicago.

Promo from Mance Warner. He's drinking a beer somewhere outside. He tells Salina that she threw money at all the "bad guys" like LA Park, Jimmy Havoc, and Ricky Martinez in order to run Warner out. "I'm the one doing the headhunting now. When I drag some of you around...there's gonna be fireworks." He promises that he will make Promociones Dorado bleed. "We gonna fight," screams Warner.

Main event time. Josef Samael is out first, with the rest of the Contra nowhere to be seen. Samael trash talks with some of the crowd, even invites a fan into the ring for a scrap. The champ is out second. Here we go.

Tom Lawlor versus Josef Samael

Lawlor charges the ring...Samael catches him coming in with stomps. Lawlor gets to his feet...back and forth striking...Samael wins the exchange with an elbow, followed by a series of right hands. Lawlor bounces off the ropes and nails Samael with a haymaker. Over to the corner...chops from Lawlor. Irish whip and corner elbow by Lawlor. He plays to the crowd and rolls to the center...corner lariat connects. Samael tries to recover on the outside but Lawlor in quick pursuit...he tosses him into the barricade. Samael manages to gain the upper hand...Back in the ring...Samael sends Lawlor chest first into the ropes. Samael slows the action down with an armbar. Lawlor fights to his feet but Samael rips him down by his hair. He then claws at Lawlor's eyes. Short-armed lariat by Samael with pin...Lawlor escapes.

Commentary tells us that LA Park is in the arena, and that he can cash-in on his title opportunity that he won at Battle Riot II at any time.

Samael wears Lawlor down with a camel clutch. Lawlor makes it to the ropes. Samael traps Lawlor under the bottom rope in the corner, wrenching Lawlor's head/neck over the ringpost. Samael goes for a suplex...Lawlor blocks and reverses. Cut to backstage...the Von Erichs and the other members of Contra are brawling. Back to the ring...Samael pulls out the spike and tries to stab Lawlor...Lawlor dodges...huge spinning heel kick. Lawlor tries use the spike on Samael but the ref gets in his way. Lawlor shoves the ref down, who calls for the DQ.

Josef Samael wins by disqualification

Samael and Lawlor continue to brawl. Backstage the Von Erichs and Contra are still going at it.

That's the show friends.