Natalya On What Makes Paige Great, New Judo Lesson From Ronda Rousey (Video), Sin Cara Hosts Exhibit

- Above is the latest episode of Ronda Rousey's Dojo from Rousey's official YouTube channel. The 6th judo lesson from Rousey features a standard right grip.

- Natalya gives her thoughts on the "Fighting with My Family" movie from WWE Studios, The Rock and Paige, in her latest column for The Calgary Sun. Natalya commented on what makes Paige great – being different.


"My biggest takeaway from this movie, which I told Paige after I had watched it, wasn't just about her family being a wild and lovable group of sports entertainers. What I loved about this movie is that it showcased one of the important lessons in life ? to be yourself. When Paige got hired by WWE, she was flabbergasted. Paige and her brother both attended the WWE tryout but only she was picked. Paige nearly quit after she got what she thought would be her dream job, but her brother Zack encouraged her to stay the course because opportunities like working for WWE were once in a lifetime. At times Paige felt she didn't fit in and wasn't enough. But she soon realized after nearly walking away from her dreams that she was more than enough and what landed her a dream job with WWE was that she stood out from everyone else. Paige was different and that is what makes her great. Paige not only become a WWE champion, but she became a leading force in the WWE Women's Evolution. In the famous words of Paige, "this is my house!" I couldn't be more proud of you, friend," Natalya wrote of Paige at the end.


- Sin Cara, who is expected to return to WWE SmackDown at any time now from a 2018 knee surgery, hosted a special street car ride in El Paso, Texas on Thursday, riding with fans to the El Paso Museum of History for the reveal of a pop-up Lucha Libre exhibit that he was involved in.

Cara tweeted the following on the exhibit and called it an amazing success: