Today at Dominion 6.9 Will Ospreay won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion from Dragon Lee, which since winning, he has faced some backlash. The backlash stems from an indirect tweet that Ospreay made back in January about Sadie Gibbs.

The tweet was, "I sent 2 messages out to 2 girls going out to wrestle in Japan. I told them that Japan isn't a vacation, this is work, that I don't think they are ready for it. Happily say that BobbiTyler has stepped up her game & getting better each match. Keep up the good work."

Gibbs had to leave Japan because she lost someone close to her.

Anyway, it was a fan who wrote about people on Twitter who were bringing up the tweet and still calling him a dick and that he doesn't deserve the title. Well, Ospreay commented about it, saying that he understood the hate that he got from people. He also admitted that he's screwed up more than he probably should have.

Ospreay's full comment was, "I understand the hate. I've messed up more than I should and allowed my emotions to invade my SM platform to show hate. Having said that it's a learning curve and I'm gonna do my best to do better to not reflect myself better but the whole company. Gotta be an adult."

Below you can read his tweet: