– Above, Lance Archer hyped the G1 Climax show in Dallas, Texas on July 6 at the American Airlines Center. Although not officially announced by NJPW, Jon Moxley, KENTA, Will Ospreay, and Shingo Takagi have already announced their desire to be in this year’s tournament. The entrants and blocks for the tournament will be announced on June 16, while matches will be revealed on June 17 during the NJPW Kizuna Road tour.

– NJPW General Manager of the International Department Michael Craven spoke with FOX Sports Australia to help hype the upcoming Southern Showdown events that will take place in Melbourne and Sydney on June 29 and 30. During the conversation he was asked about the G1 Climax tournament in 2020 and if going overseas is something we could see the promotion do again.

“The Olympics has provided a lot of inspiration across all of Japanese society. 2020 is being held as a landmark year for many, and NJPW is no exception,” Craven said. “Already we’ve announced some major dates for the year, starting with two events back to back January 4 and 5 in the Tokyo Dome. As far as the G1 Climax is concerned, we’ll be keeping that a secret for now. That said, and as you no doubt know, the G1 Climax is starting in Dallas, Texas this year. It’ll be the first time for matches in the tournament to ever take place outside of Japan. That’s really exciting to us, but it also does set a precedent.”

– MLW announced Austin Aries will be at their MLW: Never Say Never ’19 event at the Melrose Ballroom in New York City on July 25. An opponent has yet to be named.

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