- The video above is a clip from Ronda Rousey's episode of WWE 24. In the clip, Rousey describes her in-ring moves.

- Kevin Owens was one of many wrestlers to post a tribute to Lyle Williams, who passed away today. Williams was a photographer, who photographed CZW events as well as other promotions.

Owens wrote in the tribute, "Wrestling lost a huge fan today. I hadn't seen Lyle Williams in many years but I still remember his kindness and enthusiasm for this industry. He took a lot of pride in capturing moments from every show he could make it to and sharing them with everyone. He will be missed."

Below is the tribute:

- The Hulk Hogan film, No Holds Barred was released on this day in 1989. WWE.com shared a photo gallery to celebrate the film's birthday. No Holds Barred was directed by Thomas J. Wright and also starred Joan Severance, Kurt Fuller, and Tiny Lister. For those who are interested can check out the gallery here.