When you look at today's fast-pace and high-flying nature of pro wrestling, one of the trailblazers who brought this style to the forefront was Psicosis. The legendary luchador was in full gear meeting fans during Starrcast II in Las Vegas.

"For me, it's amazing," he said. "This is the first time I come to one of these shows. I've been so happy. After 30 years, I'm happy to be here."

The fan convention emanated from Caesar's Palace, within a stone's throw away from the MGM Grand Garden Arena and All Elite Wrestling's first show, Double or Nothing. An event where many on the card have been inspired directly and indirectly by performers like Psicosis

"The future is great. The new guys like Pentagon, Fenix, there are a lot of companies and guys," he said. "It's so f---'in different. I can't follow that… When I watch those guys like Fenix and even the NXT guys, I'm wowed. It's amazing how they do it. I did it before, but the future is so big."

When looking at recent developments by AAA including bringing a show to Madison Square Garden, the masked veteran is somewhat skeptical.

"For the company it's good, but I don't think it's good for Mexican wrestling because AAA in Mexico is like WWE in the States. It is what it is," he said.

The 47-year-old was in the news not long ago after saving wrestling promoter Danny Duggan (Danny Warren) from drowning. During a trip also with Robin Lekime, their car overturned into a ditch during a snowstorm. When the car started filling up with water, Psicosis rushed to save Duggan. Recalling the day, the modern-day hero remains humble.

"The Mexican avenger they call me. I was at the right time. That was it," he said. "I think about his daughter and the family. I'm lucky that day. I do what I do. That's it… Day after day. If somebody calls me, I go. The days after the accident, I make every day count. Enjoy everything."

Moving ahead he sees his children developing a love of the business. However, don't expect a next generation of Psicosis coming the way dad views it at the moment.

"When you are a junior of something it's so hard to make it in the business of wrestling because you are the junior of something," he said. "But maybe under another name and do it with the mask, I don't know. You never know…[My son] likes more WWE and American. He is always watching American wrestling. There is more money there."

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