As seen above, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair released another YouTube video today. Flair called out his former agent, Melinda Morris Zanoni of Legacy Talent and Entertainment, accusing her of embezzling money from him.

Flair also accused Zanoni of letting his "Wooooo!" and "Ric Flair" trademarks to expire. WWE ended up registering them for him. He also accused her of grabbing "all the money you could run with" after assuming he was going to die. Flair said he hopes his video gets Zanoni disbarred, noting that he spoke with an attorney before recording it. He also claims Zanoni called his wife Wendy Barlow, using a blocked number, and threatened her.

Flair noted that he was friends with Zanoni for 20 years, and her client for 10 years. He apologized to WWE Hall of Famers Sting, Kurt Angle and Mick Foley for referring them to Zanoni. He also thanked his friends, doctors and WWE for supporting him through his recent heath issues, and noted that Zanoni didn't visit him while he was hospitalized in Atlanta.

Flair previously parted ways with Zanoni in September 2017 after a health scare, and filed a lawsuit against the agency, claiming they embezzled $46,000 from him. That figure includes a $25,000 payment from the ESPN 30 For 30 producers that they didn't tell him about, and a $12,000 royalty advance for a endorsement deal with Jake's Fireworks.