ROH Best In The World Full Results

Welcome to Wrestling INC's coverage of tonight's Ring of Honor Best in the World pay per view, streaming live via and Honor Club. Tonight's event takes place from UMBC Event Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Feel free to follow along and sound off in the comments. Enjoy the show!


Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and NWA National champion Colt Cabana welcome us to the Best in the World kickoff show. Flip Gordon makes his way to the ring for his scheduled bout against Los Ingobernables originator, RUSH. RUSH is out second. Commentary reminds us that he's never been pinned or submitted in Ring of Honor. Following the "tale of the tape" this one is underway.

RUSH versus Flip Gordon

Gordon offers a hanshake...Rush boots it away. Tie-up. Rush shoves Gordon off. They go to grapple again but Rush pushes off. Gordon responds with a loud chop onto Rush's has little effect...Rush invites Gordon to do it again...he effect. Gordon slaps Rush in the face, angering the CMLL star. He pops Gordon up and drops him to the mat. Gordon to the apron...running elbow sends Gordon to the outside. Rush in quick pursuit...he slams Gordon into the barricade. Rush picks Gordon up...he sends him hard to the other side. Once more!


Back in the ring...Rush unloads a vicious chop targeting Gordon's chest. Corner elbow, followed by a basement dropkick from Rush. He taunts Gordon by doing push-ups right next to him. Rush traps Gordon in the corner...chop. Rush charges...Gordon gets a boot up. He hits Rush with an enziguri on the apron...springboard missile dropkick connects. Gordon building up steam...Rush catches him in the corner and slams him hard. Rush sets Gordon up for the corner dropkick...he stops short...big boot to the face. Rush rolls-back right into the tranquillo pose!

Back and forth striking...Gordon shows off his athleticism to land a quick combo. Gordon with a flurry of elbows. Rush screams for more! Gordon with another series of elbows...jumping knee and falcon arrow! Cover...Rush JUST gets a shoulder up. Springboard spear by Gordon...Rush is out at two again. Rush back to his feet...Gordon with another thrust knee...Rush fires back with a haymaker! Gordon surprises Rush with a powerbomb out of the corner...quick roll-up...Rush ends up on his feet. Superkick by Gordon. He goes for a suicide dive...Rush has it scouted...he slams Gordon into the barricade again. Rush asks for security to hand him a trash can...he smashes it over Gordon's body! Rush tosses Gordon back inside for a pinfall attempt...Gordon is still alive. He crawls to the corner...Rush goes for his finishing dropkick...he nails it. Gordon is out.


RUSH wins by pinfall

RUSH briefly celebrates. He's asked by an interviewer what his future plans are for ROH. RUSH states that he came to ROH for one become world champion. He threatens every superstar in the back, and says he'll have his eye on tonight's main event.

Commentary runs down the evening's main card. NWA Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis comes out to announce his replacement tag partner with his bout against the Briscoes after scheduled teammate, Colt Cabana, went down with injury. Cabana shows off his cane at the booth to indicate that he's definitely not competing. Aldis gets on the mic and calls Cabana a professional, and that he knows he wouldn't have missed a booking unless his injury was very serious. Aldis tells the Baltimore crowd that he almost considered canceling the match, but he didn't want to dot that because this is NWA territory. He then goes to introduce his partner...and NWA's newest roster member...lights go out...James Storm is here.

James Storm walks out with his own mic. He says that he's not Aldis' partner, and demands to know who it is. Aldis responds..."why don't I just let him tell you."

IT'S ELI DRAKE. Crowd erupts. Storm can't believe it! Drake claims that there are a lot of superstars backstage that thinks they are the best...until he arrived. He talks about all the company prospects he had since leaving his former employer, and reveals that he joined ROH because it is the past, present, and future of professional wrestling. "You are looking at the newest acquisition of the NWA." Drake promises that NWA, ROH, and the Briscoes are going to understand exactly what he is capable of tonight. Drake drops the mic to end the segment.


Commentary tells us that Dalton Castle will kick off the pay per view against Dragon Lee. They thank everyone for watching the kickoff show for free on FITE or Facebook Live, and invite fans to join them for tonight's action.

That's the end of the pre-show. It's time for Best in the World.

Opening vignette highlighting the superstars of Ring of Honor. A rundown of the pay per view card, including Matt Taven defending the world title against Jeff Cobb and Shane Taylor defending the Television title against Bandido.

Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and NWA National champion Colt Cabana officially welcome us to Best in the World from Baltimore, Maryland. They hype the lineup for the night, and promise us a night full of classic ROH action.

As mentioned on the kickoff show...Dalton Castle and Dragon Lee will open the show. The former IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion is out first, followed by Castle.

Dragon Lee versus Dalton Castle

Lee comes out hot with a dropkick sending Castle into the turnbuckle. Corner dropkick...another one! Early cover...Castle out at two. Lee sends Castle to the outside...he goes for a tope con hilo but Castle moves, then shoves Lee into the ringpost. Lee nails Castle on the apron...from inside the ring he runs for an apron frankensteiner...Castle turns it into an apron powerbomb! He keeps the pressure on, dumping Lee into the first row. As soon as Lee gets to his feet Castle sends him over the barricade on the other side of the ring. Castle fakes a the last second he whips Lee into the crowd again! Castle plays to the crowd. Lee finally reverses an Irish whip sending Castle to the guardrail.


Back in the ring Castle slows down the pace with a bearhug. Mounted punches from Castle. He disrespectfully claws at Lee's mask before applying a submission. Lee gets a burst of energy...huge forearms rock Castle. Castle avoids one...saito suplex to regain control. Castle goes for the mask again...he rips a good part of it! Castle off the ropes...Lee catches him with a frankensteiner that sends him to ringside. Lee to his feet...suicide dive connects! Lee throws him back inside...he hooks the arms...shoulder breaker, followed by a running PK. Cover...Castle escapes. Grapple...Castle with another saito suplex but Lee drops him with a kick. Snap-German from Lee...Castle responds with a spinning elbow...Lee right back with a thrust knee and poison frankensteiner! Both men down to recover.

Lee goes for a mexican destroyer...Castle stops Lee's momentum and sets him up for his bangarang finisher...Lee shifts his weight at the last second...frankensteiner. Thrust knee. Lee sets Castle up...running knee. Lee argues with the referee allowing Castle to nail a short-armed lariat. Bangarang connects but he doesn't go for the cover. In order to mock RUSH...Castle sets Lee up in the corner...running dropkick...that'll do it.


Dalton Castle wins by pinfall

Women's division action coming up next. A recap of Kelly Klein winning the Women of Honor championship at G1 Supercard is shown and the Gatekeepers ongoing feud with the Allure. That sets up tonight's tag team match.

The Allure is out first. Velvet Sky accompanies Angelina Love and Mandy Leon to the ring. Jenny Rose and the champ are out second. They charge the ring...

Jenny Rose & Kelly Klein versus Mandy Leon & Angelina Love

Brawl from all four women to start. Rose and Klein gain the upperhand, stomping Love and Leon down in opposing corners. They whip the Allure into each other, then follow that up with double lariats. Eventually order is restored, and Love and Rose are left in the ring. Love get a boot up on Rose's charge. Klein gets tagged in...she and Love have a staredown before they tie-up. Intense grapple...Klein with a waistlock takedown. Love shows off some night mat wrestling skills to apply a hammerlock. She shift to a headlock. Klein gets bounced off the ropes...shoulder block from Love. Klein fires right back with an arm-drag and a shoulder block of her own. Klein with a powerslam attempt...Love slips behind to hit a neckbreaker. Klein goes to knock Leon off the apron...she drops down...distracting Klein just long enough for Love to connect with a spinning heel kick. Klein regains control quickly and tags in rose...double-suplex. Love rolls to the outside...Rose chases her...Velvet Sky with a lariat taking Rose down. Referee didn't see it.


Back in the ring Love traps Rose in the Allure's corner. Leon with stomps and a snapmare. Quick tags by the Allure. Running knees by Love. She throws Rose to the outside again...Velvet Sky walks over for an attack but Klein cuts her off. Leon from behind takes out Klein. Love climbs..flying crossbody onto Klein and Rose! Love with a cover on Rose...two count. Leon back in. Rose avoids a corner splash and spears Leon. She makes the hot tag to Klein. Klein with a series of lariats on Love. Back suplex to Leon. Front face DDT onto Love by Klein, then a fallaway slam to Leon. Klein picks up Love...fallaway slam. Leon surprises Klein with a superkick...DDT. Rose spears Leon on the apron. She gorilla presses Leon from the apron to the arena floor. Meanwhile...Klein has Love on the top rope...super fallaway slam. Klein with the pin...Love kicks out! Sky distracts the ref...Leon hits Klein from behind with a shoe! Superkick from Love.'s over.

Mandy Leon & Angelina Love win by pinfall

As soon as the bell rings the lights go out. Strange video plays on the titantron. Lights's Maria Manic! The Allure can't believe it! They escape before things get physical. Security tries to restrain Manic...she handles them with ease. Torture rack to one guard...she picks up the other in a razor's edge and tosses him onto the lot at ringside! Manic rips off her shirt revealing the a new tattoo that says "MANEATER." She poses to end the segment.


Flashback to the Honor Rumble from the G1 Supercard. Kenny King would eliminate Jushin Thunder Liger and the Great Muta to win a future title shot, but would suffer the mist of Muta that temporarily blinded him. King would then begin a feud with Jay Lethal, each man trying to better the other. A video package highlighting their build-up is played. Each man has a victory over the other, making this grudge-bout their rubber match in a best of three series.

Back in the arena...former world champion Jay Lethal is on his way to the ring. Kenny King is out second, carrying his walking stick that he used when he "couldn't" see.

Jay Lethal versus Kenny King

Dueling chants before they begin. Tie-up. King with an arm-lock. Commentary tells us that Lethal hasn't lost at a BITW ppv since 2013. Both men reset. Lethal grabs a wristlock. King maneuvers around and locks Lethal in a submission focusing on the arm. He targets the arm by trapping it behind Lethal's back, then powerslamming him to the mat. Hip-toss blocked...thrust kick from Lethal...pace picks up...Lethal with his hip-toss/cartwheel dropkick combo. Snap-suplex from Lethal with pin...only one. King grabs the arm and jumps out of the ring tearing it over the ropes. King screams into the camera: "I'm the macho man!" He goes for a springboard attack but Lethal catches him with a dropkick sending him back to ringside. Lethal keeps up the pressure...big chop. He grabs a chair and sets it up...King chops Lethal and seats him in the chair...he charges...Lethal with a drop-toe hold and King's head bounces right off the chair seat. Lethal places the chair over King's arm and goes for a stomp...the referee talks him out of it.


Fight continues near the entrance path. Lethal whips King toward the ring...King pops up on the apron...he jumps right back into a kick from Lethal. Lethal goes for a suplex...King reverses and drops Lethal off the apron neck first. He throws Lethal back inside...reverse DDT over King's knee. Boston crab applied by King...Lethal in trouble...he switches to an armbar...Lethal breaks free and unloads a right hand...King responds with one of his own. Back and forth striking...Lethal hits a back body drop. Lariat. Lethal on the middle-rope...missile dropkick connects. He calls for the Lethal injection...King pulls him back...Lethal nails King with his own finisher! (Royal Flush). Cover...King is out at two. Springboard dropkick sends King to the outside again. Lethal off the ropes...suicide dive. He goes for a second...King turns it into a spinebuster! Both men are down!

Lethal just beats the 20 count. King goes to pick Lethal up but gets cradled...kick out. Blue thunder bomb from King. He climbs...shooting star press! Cover...Lethal stays alive. King calls the ringside attendant to bring him his walking stick...Lethal takes advantage of the distraction and applies the figure-four leglock. The walking stick gets thrown in...Lethal doesn't lose focus...Lethal Injection! He can't make the cover right away because of his arm...he goes for it...King kicked out! Lethal can't believe it. He sets up King on the top for a super-cutter...King shoves him off. King with a blockbuster! He nails the Lethal Injection! King picks Lethal up...Royal Flush! Lethal cannot kick out! King wins!


Kenny King wins by pinfall

Riccaboni calls this the biggest win of Kenny King's career. Cut to the video package highlighting our next bout between Silas Young and Jonathan Gresham in a Pure Rules Match. Silas Young makes his way to the ring wearing a fight robe. The octopus is next. The Pure Rules are explained to the crowd. Each man only gets three rope-breaks, afterwards any submission on the ropes are legal. No closed-fists are allowed. Gresham and Young shake hands.

Silas Young versus Jonathan Gresham in a Pure Rules Match

Tie-up. Young forces Gresham into the corner but Gresham manages to roll off and apply a headlock. Young shifts his weight and puts Young in a hammerlock...Gresham with a fancy escape...Young lands the first strike with an open palm to Gresham's chest. (Those are within the rules). Young with a waistlock...Gresham has no where to go...he uses his first rope break. Young plays to the crowd, with Gresham admitting that it was a fair move. Knuckle-lock...Gresham kicks at Young's leg to gain better position on the hold...Young with another big chop. Big shoulder sends Gresham to the mat. Gresham fights off his back...Young screams for him to get up...Gresham goes for an ankle-lock...Young quickly grabs the ropes. Each man only has two rope-breaks left.


Gresham offers his wrist for Young...Young takes the offer and wrenches Gresham over with a headlock. Abdominal stretch from Young...Gresham bounces off the ropes and locks in the octopus stretch! Young has no choice...he has to use another rope break. He slides to the outside to regroup. Both men run the ropes...Gresham distracts Young by pointing to the sky...big chop to Young's chest. They run the ropes again...Young with a closed fist! Referee issues a warning...Young tosses Gresham into the barricade on the outside. Back in the ring...Young hits Gresham with a backbreaker. Abdominal stretch is in again...somehow Gresham powers out with a hip-toss. Gresham goes for a PK but Young catches the boot and turns it into a single-leg crab. Gresham grabs the ropes. One rope break left per man, after that submission on ropes will count.

Young goes for a suplex...Gresham blocks and reverses it. Young lands a boot on a charging Gresham...combination backbreaker/clothesline by Young...he transitions right into a modified full-nelson. Gresham has to use his last rope-break. Back suplex from Young. Another one. Gresham escapes the third...he climbs the middle-rope...his back is in too much pain...Young pushes him off and Gresham collides hard with the apron. Gresham gets caught by a twisting suplex. Young with a submission...Gresham can't use the ropes for a break...he slithers through...Gresham goes for the octopus...he forces Young to grab the ropes. No rope breaks left for either man.


Both men trash-talk...they exchange forearms. Gresham with an enziguri. They trade suplex attempts...Young gets Gresham up and they both fall over the top rope! As they come back in the ring...the ref turns his back and Gresham hits a low-blow! Octopus applied! Young gets to the ropes but it doesn't matter. He eventually taps.

Jonathan Gresham wins by submission

Up next...the Briscoes take on Nick Aldis and a debuting Eli Drake, who was announced on the kickoff show. Footage of the Briscoes attacking Colt Cabana during his NWA National title defense against James Storm is played. NWA Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis would get involved, but also suffered a beating at the hands of DEM BOYS. Cabana was originally scheduled to compete in this matchup, but due to injury he was pulled.

Back to the commentary table...Cabana says that his doctor advised him to not even come to the show, but he had to come support. Eil Drake is out first, followed by the National Treasure Nick Aldis. The Briscoes (Mark and Jay) are next. James Storm joins the commentary table. Fans are going nuts for the Briscoes, as they are in their hometown.

Briscoes versus Nick Aldis & Eli Drake

Drake begins with Mark. Tie-up. Waistlock by Mark. Drake switches behind but gets dragged over. Drake forces Mark into the corner...Drake does his signature taunt...Mark makes him pay with a chop. Pace picks up...Drake and Mark eventually come to a stand still. Jay and Aldis tag in. They grapple...Aldis forces Jay into the turnbuckles. Second grapple sees Jay snatch on a headlock. Aldis shoves Jay. Jay knocks Drake off the apron, then exchanges fists with the champ. Mark back in...Aldis lights him up with right hands but can't stop a knee to the gut. Briscoes with quick tags...they bounces Aldis off the ropes...double football tackle sends Aldis to ringside. As Mark goes after him...Drake comes out of nowhere with a lariat.


Now in control, Aldis and Drake wear Mark down with tandem offense. They nail a suplex and elbow combo. Mark makes a blind tag and Jay decapitates Drake with a lariat. He headbutts Drake into his team's corner. Jay stomps him down. Drake avoids a corner splash...he nails Jay with a neckbreaker, then tags out to Adlis. Aldis plants Jay with a Michinoku driver for a nearfall. He cranks at Jay's head with a sleeper hold. Jay with a dropkick. He tags in Mark...Aldis gets Drake back in.

Drake and Mark lay into each other with stiff shots. Overhead belly to belly by Mark. He places Drake on the top rope, then whips him down. Mark to the top...Aldis from the apron stops him...Drake jumps up...superplex! Jay tags in...Drake catches him with a burning hammer! Somehow Jay kicks out! Mark in now...double-team by the Briscoes onto Drake but Aldis breaks up the pinfall. Jay goes for the J-driller...Aldis with the King's Leaf clover! Mark nails Aldis to break the hold. Action all over the place. Drake and Jay brawl into the crowd. Aldis suplexes Mark. The referee has thrown this one out.

Match is ruled a no-contest

James Storm jumps in and starts brawling with Eli Drake. The Briscoes team-up and attack Aldis. Cabana tries to jump in but Riccaboni stops him for health reasons. The Briscoes go to put Aldis through a table...Camille comes out and spears Mark. A bunch of security guards come out but the Briscoes battle them off. Instead of escaping...Aldis tries to fight Mark and Jay off...they put him through a table. Cabana is irate that he couldn't help. Segment ends with the Briscoes celebrating with the fans.


As Aldis recovers...Marty Scurll runs out to help him up.

Coming up next...Shane Taylor defends the ROH Television championship against Bandido. Footage of Taylor winning the title from War of the Worlds is played. Reminder...he won it in a Fatal-Four way, but never pinned former champion Jeff Cobb to get it. Bandido did score a pinfall victory over Taylor on ROH TV. Bandido is out first. Shane Taylor second.

Shane Taylor versus Bandido for the ROH Television championship

Brawl to start. Taylor shows off his athleticism for a big guy by matching Bandido with lucha counters. Spinning thrust kick by Bandido. He nails Taylor with a thrust knee, followed by a flying headscissor sending Taylor to ringside. Bandido on the apron...he goes for a frankensteiner...Taylor catches him and powerbombs Bandido onto the apron. Taylor drapes Bandido over the apron and clubs him over the head. Back in the ring...a big open hand rattles Bandido. Taylor whips Bandido off the ropes and runs right through him with an elbow. Bandido fires off a few shots but Taylor lights him up with a headbutt. Taylor asks the ref to count the knockout...Bandido gets up at 9.

Bandido begins to rally. Corner enziguri. He climbs...twisting crossbody! Roll through facebuster! Taylor goes to the outside...Bandido with a twisting tope con hilo! He throws Taylor inside and nearly wins the match with a springboard frankensteiner. Taylor responds with a corner lariat. Bandido charges...left hook out of nowhere from Taylor. Bandido comes right back with a springboard moonsault. Taylor with a uranagi. He climbs the middle-rope for a splash...he hits it. Cover...Bandido is out at two! Taylor goes for his finisher but Bandido escapes...superkick! Taylor in position for the 21-plex...Taylor has it scouted. Powerbomb and thrust knee by Taylor. Package piledriver. Somehow Bandido gets a shoulder up. Taylor can't believe it. He climbs for a crossbody...OMG BANDIDO CATCHES HIM. Crowd is going nuts...powerslam from Bandido. Cover...only two. Bandido climbs to the top...shooting star press! Taylor JUST gets a shoulder up. Bandido goes for the 21-plex again...Taylor catches him with the Rikishi driver. It's over.


Shane Taylor wins by pinfall to retain the ROH Television championship

Commerical for ROH Honor Club, and their next big event at the Melrose Ballroom in NYC.

Six-man tag titles are on the line next. Lifeblood (Tracy Williams and Mark Haskins) is out first, along with their partner for the night, PJ Black. Villain Enterprises is next. (Marty Scurll, Brody King, PCO) They all wear Legion of Doom attire! This should be fun!

Villain Enterprises versus Lifeblood & PJ Black

Scurll begins with Haskins. Haskins with a wristlock. Scurll powers Haskins to the mat. Nice sequence of chain-wrestling, with neither man able to gain the advantage. Scurll asks for Black...then tags in PCO. Black with a leg-kick and a spin-kick. PCO catches another kick attempt...dragon screw. PCO off the ropes...Black with a superkick but PCO fires right back with a pump kick. Stalemate. King and Williams come in next. Chops from Williams. King answers with one of his own. Another chop that echos throughout the arena. He tries to chop Williams off the top...Williams with an armbar over the ropes. He tries for a springboard attack...King catches him...back and forth striking...Williams attempts a German suplex...King is too big...he brings Williams to his team's corner...Scurll back in. He rips Williams down by his arm. Action breaks down...Scurll with a superkick to Williams but Haskins takes him out with an apron PK. King with a senton onto the lot. PCO goes to the apron...King catapults him with his feet into Lifeblood! Villain Enterprises has the advantage early on.


Belly-to-belly by PCO. Quick tags from the Villains...tandem offense by Scurll and King. Williams is able to blindly tag in Haskins. Lifeblood with the double-team now on Scurll...they trap him in the corner. Running boot from Black. He ties Scurll up in a modified crab-lock...Lifeblood with double basement dropkicks. Scurll makes the hot tag to King. King chops everything in sight. Black and Williams end up in opposing corners...running lariats by King. Scoop slam. King slams Black onto Williams. Running senton connects. Haskins with a flurry of strikes but the Villains with a triple-team...crab/leg drop combo onto Haskins. PCO takes out Black and Williams with a suicide dive. Assisted German by Scurll and King. Haskins kicks out of the pinfall attempts. PCO runs right into a dropkick...Black with a top rope double-stomp...Williams out of nowhere with a frog-splash. Scurll breaks the pin. Triple-team piledriver onto PCO by Lifeblood. Scurll rips at Williams fingers. Haskins takes out King and Scurll with V-triggers. Everyone is down.

Black and Scurll trade fists. Black with another superkick...he superkicks PCO...again. He plays to the crowd...PCO makes him pay with a lariat sending them both to the outside. PCO climbs for the moonsault...Williams meets him up there...Haskins kicks PCO and Williams powerbombs him to the apron! Back in the ring...Black with a springboard head kick, followed by a sprinboard moonsault. He's got it won but King just gets their in time. King with some impressive rope walking...double arm-drag takes out Haskins and Williams. In the ring...Black goes for a moonsault...Scurll gets the boots up! King with a gonzo bomb. PCO climbs...moonsault. Got em.


Villain Enterprises wins by pinfall to retain the ROH Six-Man tag team championship

After Villain Enterprises leaves...the Solider of Savagery attack Lifeblood. Bandido runs out to help his stable mates...Bully Ray comes out of nowhere and nails Bandido. He goes to hit Bandido with a chair but Flip Gordon comes out to run Bully Ray off. Lifeblood hands Gordon a t-shirt, inviting him to the group. Scurll comes onto the titantron and says that Villain Enterprises also has a new member...and he's going to introduce him now. It's revealed to be Gordon, who superkicks Bandido then flees the ring. The rest of Villain Enterprises runs out...they beat Lifeblood down. Williams gets placed on a table...Gordon with a 450 crashes through the table!

Main event time. The challenger Jeff Cobb is out first. ROH world champion Matt Taven is out second. Kingdom does not accompany him to the ring. (Commentary later confirms that they've been banned from the arena.) Here we go.

Matt Taven versus Jeff Cobb for the ROH World championship

Taven with a headlock. Cobb overpowers him with ease. Taven ends up on the top rope...Cobb with a thunderous chop that sends him to the outside. He quickly gets up and charges Cobb who sends him right out the other side. Taven slows things down...he goes for a waistlock, which Cobb easily reverses. Taven uses his speed...Cobb catches him for a suplex attempt...Taven falls into a sleeper hold. He dives at Cobb...Cobb catches him again...overhead belly-to-belly. Cobb picks Taven up...release suplex. Taven goes to the outside...he baits Cobb into chasing him, then surprises him with a cutter. Taven off the slide. Right back in...suicide dive and Cobb hits the barricade hard.


Back in the ring....swinging neckbreaker by Taven. He keeps contact and applies an armbar. Taven climbs for a frog misses! Cobb building momentum...snake eyes. He goes for a pumphandle and hits it. Cobb and Taven trade strikes...big lariat nearly knocks Taven out of his shoes. Standing moonsault by Cobb. Cover...Taven out at two. Northern lights by Cobb with pin...another two-count. Taven gets trapped in the corner...Cobb pops him up into an impressive spinning back bomb. Powerbomb attempt...Taven turns it into a the ropes...running knee. A second. A third. Cobb kicks out at one on the pin attempt. Taven with the climax but he didn't get all of it. He goes for it again...Cobb with a wheelbarrow suplex. He goes for the Tour of the Islands...Taven turns it into the climax. He got all of's over.

Matt Taven wins by pinfall to retain the ROH World championship

Commentary reminds us that was Cobb's first pinfall loss. Taven celebrates, and says to the camera that he's going to be the champ for a long...long time.

That's the show friends.