ROH Episode 402 Recap: Evil & Sanada In Action, Kelly Klein & Jenny Rose Confront The Allure

Ian Riccaboni and NWA National Champion Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. The Allure's Mandy Leon, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky make their entrance for an in-ring promo. Sky says that they brought credibility to women's wrestling long before their was a Women Of Honor. Sky says they started a revolution long before their was an evolution.

Sky talks about being a two time former Champion before Love talks about being a former six-time Champion. Love says that not only do they know how to win, they know how to make an impact, which is why they chose to debut at the G1 Supercard. Leon calls herself the foundation of Ring Of Honor. Jenny Rose and ROH Women Of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein make their entrances.

Sky gets out of the ring as Klein takes Love to the mat while Rose takes Leon to the mat. Security comes into the ring to separate everyone. Sky blinds Rose with some hairspray. Klein grabs a microphone. Klein challenges The Allure to back up their words. Klein makes a challenge for a tag match with her and Rose versus The Allure.

The Kingdom's TK O'Ryan & Vinny Marseglia make their entrance. Clark Connors & Alex Coughlin are already in the ring. Coast To Coast's LSG & Shaheem Ali are also already out. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) make their entrance from the bar area.

The Kingdom (TK O'Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) vs. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) vs. Coast To Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali) vs. Clark Connors & Alex Coughlin

LSG pushes Milonas before hitting the ropes. LSG ducks a clothesline attempt by Milonas. Milonas pushes LSG to the mat. Marseglia tags in. Marseglia chops Milonas several times. Milonas sends Marseglia to the corner. Milonas runs towards Marseglia, Marseglia gets his knee up. Marseglia connects with a Pump Kick to Milonas. Connors eventually hits a spear on Ali. Coughlin hits a spine-buster on LSG. Marseglia strikes Connors as O'Ryan strikes Coughlin.

Marseglia & O'Ryan hit their House Of A Thousand Horses combination move on Connors. LSG connects with a Pump Kick on O'Ryan. Bruiser breaks a pin fall attempt by Ali on Connors. Milonas tags Ali. Connors tags Coughlin in. Coughlin slaps Milonas on the chest and chops Bruiser. Milonas splashes Coughlin in the corner. Bruiser holds Coughlin for Milonas to hit a Leg Drop from off the second turnbuckle on him. Milonas pins Coughlin for the win.

Winners: The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas)

Quinn McKay is backstage with Lifeblood's Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins. McKay talks about their feud with Bully Ray. Haskins talks about Ray having been a problem for too long and how they are fed up. Williams talks about how right now, their numbers are a little low. PJ Black appears and says that if they need anyone to watch their back, he's their guy.

A video package is shown on Jeff Cobb. Maverick Boone is already in the ring.

 Josh Woods makes his entrance.

Josh Woods vs. Maverick Boone

They shake hands. Woods and Boone lock up. Woods pushes Boone to the mat. Woods kicks Boone in the midsection. Woods hits a powerbomb on Boone. Woods hits his Seismic Toss finisher on Boone. Woods pins Boone for the quick win.

Winner: Josh Woods

Satoshi Kojima and Yuji Nagata make their entrances. LIJ's Sanada & Evil make their entrances.

Satoshi Kojima & Yuji Nagata vs. LIJ (Evil & Sanada)

Sanada and Nagata lock up. Nagata ducks a strike attempt by Sanada. Nagata strikes Sanada several times. Sanada goes for a dropkick, Nagata holds on to the ropes to avoid it. Sanada dodges an attempted knee strike by Nagata. Nagata eventually sends Sanada out of the ring. Kojima hits a brain-buster on Evil. Kojima pins Evil for a two count. Kojima sends Evil to the ropes. Evil ducks a clothesline attempt by Kojima. Kojima and a Evil exchange waist-locks. Sanada dropkicks Kojima. Evil & Sanada hit the Magic Killer on Kojima. Evil pins Kojima for the win.

Winners: LIJ (Evil & Sanada)

Dalton Castle makes his entrance for an in-ring promo. Castle says that he's had some time to think and reflect on some events of the past. Castle talks about losing to Rush in sixteen seconds. Castle says that he's not ashamed because Rush is cheater. Castle says that cheaters need to be punished. Castle challenges Rush's brother Dragon Lee to match at Best In The World. Castle says that Rush will pay for what he did, with his family. Castle says he is going to break every bone in Lee's body. One of The Boys comes to the ring and hops up on to the ring apron.

The other Boy gets in the ring behind Castle. Castle attacks the Boy on the apron. The Boys both attack Castle and strike him several times. The Boys clothesline Castle out of the ring. One of The Boys sends the other one into a dive on to Castle. Castle catches the other Boy during a dive attempt. Castle sends both Boys into the ringside barrier. Castle dropkicks a table into both Boys at ringside as the show comes to a close.