- Above is a clip from the latest Hidden Gems addition on the WWE Network, featuring WWE Hall of Famers Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler doing battle. The match took place on November 3, 1990 at a USWA event.

- WWE stock was up 1.53% today, closing at $72.20 per share. Today's high was $72.50 and the low was $71.09.

- The "real-life diet" of Roman Reigns is covered in a new article from GQ, a part of their "Real-Life Diet" series that covers the diets and exercise routines of various celebrities. The article looks at Reigns' diet and health coming out of the battle with leukemia. He was asked about maintaining his weight and if it was a struggle during this second diagnosis.

"It's a little different for me and those with blood cancers. We are very fortunate that we have medications referred to as oral chemotherapy," Reigns said. "I've been on the road now for almost three weeks, and just yesterday I didn't have an appetite. I was kind of nauseous for the majority of the day. There are some days that are struggles, and some days where it curbs your appetite and you don't want to eat because you have that nauseous feeling.

"Before all this happened, I was maxing myself out and working as hard as I could. This has given me a new perspective. Sometimes you have to be smarter and pull yourself back, and that is what I've had to do with my diet and my training. Instead of pushing towards a goal relentlessly, I have to listen to my body, see how I'm feeling and what my energy levels are along the way."

Reigns also tweeted about the piece and wrote, "Living on the road is crazy no matter what's going on in your life. We try the best we can and try to stay away from the cookies in catering!!! Thanks @MickRouse for the interview."