Ross And Marshall Von Erich Discuss Their Father Opening Up On 'Dark Side Of The Ring'

Fans young and old were captivated by the Vice series "Dark Side of the Ring." Among the episodes that really resonated with viewers was "The Last of the Von Erichs," where Kevin Von Erich poured his heart and soul into recounting the tragic events that have overcome his famous family over the years.

His sons Marshall and Ross were ultimately touched with how the piece came out. For the Major League Wrestling's newest tag team acquisition, the installment captured a side of their dad not seen in front of the camera.

"The producers of that show and everyone are such hard workers. What helped is they were all wrestling fans," Marshall said. "They genuinely loved wrestling. So, you didn't have someone who wasn't a fan making a documentary. We were so happy with the outpouring of support that came from it and how supportive everybody was for my dad; it gave people the chance to know my dad a little better. We couldn't have been happier with it."

They were taken aback witnessing their Hall of Fame father open up, especially about thoughts of taking his own life. However, Ross believes it's a story that needed to be told and heard. The duo couldn't believe the response. It clearly affected those in ways maybe they couldn't imagine.

"People were saying it was helping them. People who dealt with certain things like suicide in their families," Ross said. "It makes my dad relatable. We go through tough stuff. He is trying to use his story for good because death can do two things as my dad says. It can make you hard toward the world or compassionate for those who suffer.

"Going through what my dad went through and seeing someone lose a brother, a sister, lose a parent. He knows that pain it brings. Sometimes it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Before we are wrestlers or anything else, we are human beings. We learn to love our neighbors and use the story for good. I think the Vice piece helped capture that."

The positive example of perseverance set by the surviving Von Erich brother inspired his children to follow in the Texan's footsteps. Marshall recalls dad accepting their career choice, but admittedly wasn't thrilled with the idea.

"I don't think he wanted us getting into it because he left kind of during an ugly side of the business for him," he said. "I think what brought us closer is when we came back from our first tour of Japan and started sharing road stories and places we've been to. We told him we went up the roof of one building just to get our heads together and get away from everyone. We watch people walk in. It was incredible because my dad told us that him and my uncle Dave did the same thing in the same building and the same roof. It was weird that we were doing the same thing without even trying.

"We have the same tendencies, so to go home and share these experiences with dad. I didn't think we could relate more to him, but he is getting to see a prettier side of the business. I feel like we'd be foolish if we didn't learn from our family's misfortunes and mistakes."

Marshall and Ross hold each other accountable. The brotherly love and support have helped them maneuver through the often shark infested waters of pro wrestling. They are proud to carry on the Von Erich name, which includes sharing memorable moments like watching their dad deliver the trademark Claw at Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary in 2014. Now the two are ready for the next chapter of the legacy in MLW.

"It's cool for my dad to see that part of the business. It's wrestling and a love for wrestling," Marshall said. "My dad has been such a powerful figure in our lives. He can make it so simple for us and watch our matches with us and go over things with us. He has definitely been our biggest help."

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