– Above and below are the latest clips from WWE’s Ghana Homecoming series on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. As noted, Kingston will likely miss tonight’s SmackDown as he was wrapping up the tour in Ghana earlier today, his first trip back home in more than 20 years. Kofi will defend his title against Dolph Ziggler at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

The clip above shows Kingston being greeted with a hero’s welcome in Ghana, then presenting the WWE Title to the President of Ghana. The video below shows Kingston visiting his parents’ hometown of Ejisu, and seeing the origin sites for Kente Cloth and Adinkra Symbols, which inspired many of his tattoos.

– WWE stock was up 0.47% today, closing at $73.10 per share. Today’s high was $73.99 and the low was $72.36.

– One of the top social media topics coming out of last night’s WWE RAW was how bad the match between Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair was. The match ended in a DQ due to interference from RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

As seen below, Rusev took to Twitter and simply said he can’t wait for the rematch between Evans and Flair. This obviously led to fans commenting on how Rusev was trying to troll Flair and Evans, as he’s known to do.

A fan wrote Rusev and said he also hated the match. Rusev responded, “I never said i hate it. I just can’t wait for the rematch. Both women worked hard my man”

Another fan wrote, “At least they’re getting TV time, where as no one even remembers you work for the company. Don’t try it.” Rusev responded and wrote, “You must be working for the office.”

You can see Rusev’s related tweets below: