The most talked about gimmick right now in WWE is Bray Wyatt's new persona and his Firefly Fun House. Where it all ends up is anyone's guess but at the moment it has fans riveted and eager to see how it all plays out.

Wrestling Inc's Raj Giri joined Ryback's podcast where they talked about the gimmick and how it's similar to the silly person that Bray Wyatt is in real life.

"It's my favorite thing on television now with what they are doing and I want to say that the stuff with Bray Wyatt, 'Owy, Wowy!' We talk like this backstage and we have fun so it's crazy that he has taken his silly, real-life personality at times and put it into this character and is making it work so well," said Ryback. "But the reason why it is working so well is because it is part of his real-life persona as far as the silliness of all of it and mixed in with the Bray Wyatt character that he created.

"Man, nothing but compliments from me regarding this. I think he is the most compelling character on television and I just want to say this: the feedback seems so positive by this and he's not going out there doing any dives or flips or any wrestling, just a simple, character development. And I think this is a lesson for everybody in wrestling just how important character development truly is."

Raj then mentioned that while the character and the vignettes have been a hit, Wyatt still hasn't stepped into the ring since debuting his new persona. He said that all the momentum could be killed if WWE doesn't book him correctly once he starts wrestling again.

"That is a great point as well. This is where WWE, you have something and it's working; this could have flopped. If it could have flopped it would have flopped but it didn't. It got a lot of momentum behind it. This is what people don't understand. This is on WWE. We had meetings about this, Raj, where they tried to come up in front of all of us and tell us that wins and losses don't matter. I got news for you. Wins and losses matter. People don't like losers; people like winners. The whole sport is centered about winning and losing so if you have a guy who has been off TV and you bring him back and has all of this momentum with these vignettes and making vignettes cool again, and then you have him start losing then you kill everything," stated Ryback.

"This is the perfect time to create Bray Wyatt and make him a marquee name and into a mega superstar. I want everybody to be watching this because this is going to fully fall on WWE. Bray Wyatt, yet again, has hit a home run with this character as he did earlier on when they had him losing to John Cena and took everything away. I just want all wrestling fans to be watching this because it won't be Bray Wyatt's fault, it'll be WWE's fault if they don't pull the trigger on this once again and this is all I want to say about that."

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.