As noted, WWE has hired Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff to work as full-time Executive Directors of RAW and SmackDown. Bischoff will be running the blue brand while Heyman will head up the red brand. Both will still report to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Bischoff will also work with Fox executives. This is not part of a storyline.

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins, who has been aggressively praising WWE as of late on Twitter, was one of the first wrestlers to respond to the big news. He commented on Bischoff's return and wrote, "The Bisch is back!! #teamwwe"

Rusev, who is currently away from WWE after asking for time off, took his usual Twitter approach to the news. He wrote, "Wild card rules we get Hulk Hogan on Monday and Hollywood Hogan on Tuesday ...... i love it!"

Matt Hardy also reacted to the news, checking in with fans on Twitter after the news broke the internet. Hardy wrote, "Anything creative going on today, Wrestling Twitter?"

It's believed that some of EC3's recent tweets have expressed frustration with how he's been used. He reacted to the news with a tweet to Heyman. "Check your DMs @HeymanHustle," EC3 joked.

You can see their full tweets below: