WWE SmackDown Superstar Sonya Deville recently spoke with the WWE website to promote Pride Month. It was noted that Deville is the first openly lesbian WWE Superstar.

Deville was asked if she feels like a trailblazer being the first out female Superstar. She said she never intended to be a face of the movement.

"It definitely wasn't my intention; it kind of snowballed and turned into that," Deville said. "I think back to when I was in high school, to 17-year old Daria, who was dating guys and thought that that was the only way of life. I was very confused, and it was definitely manifesting itself in other parts of my life that were unhealthy. To look at me then, and to look at me now, and to see how much I've grown, [it's amazing] how much happier I am. To force something that was not organic to who I am was tough on me, and so I can relate to all those girls and guys out there going through the same thing."

Deville said she's been met with nothing but support from other people within WWE. She was asked how people she works with have responded to her being out.

"Nothing but support from this company from day one," she said. "Obviously, you get the backlash from social media, `cause that's just life, but I tried to focus on the positive on how many people supported me."

It was noted how Deville recently started incorporating the rainbow flag in her ring gear. She was asked if it was a conscious decision to openly broadcast her sexuality.

"I didn't want my message to come across wrong," Deville said. "I didn't want it to feel like I was shoving my sexuality down people's throats. I want to show [the flag] off for that scared little girl or that scared little boy at home who is afraid to come out to mom and dad, and here I am on national television with a rainbow flag in my back pocket. I want to do it because I'm proud of who I am. It's been a learning curve. I was afraid of Sonya being defined by her sexuality because that's not fair to her. I don't want Sonya to be defined by who she loves."

Deville was also asked if she'd be interested in having her own custom title belt, perhaps a rainbow-themed Women's Title. She revealed that this has been a dream of hers.

"That is actually a dream of mine," Deville revealed. "That would be so cool to me, but also something so cool for the fans to see. I think that would mean a lot to the LGBTQ+ community, especially the youth. I just keep flashing back to when I was that age, and if that were prevalent, it would have meant so much to me."