Daneille Moinet, formerly known as Summer Rae in WWE, spoke with Ring The Belle regarding her top five moments in WWE voted by fans.

While strolling through her highlights, current WWE superstar Sasha Banks was brought up. Moinet confirmed that Banks as well as AJ Lee would pitch to work with her due to their relationship and camaraderie.

“Sasha loved working with me,” Moinet stated. “She tried to get a storyline with me. AJ tried to get a storyline with me. AJ asked about me because we liked each other. She was cool even before Punk. Because of Chicago, we would all talk. But even before that, she just liked me and wanted to work with me. And she was so light, and I could just throw her around. So I loved working with her and Sasha. We had good chemistry.”

Moinet addressed her stance on the current situation involving Banks’s apparent unhappiness with WWE.

“I don’t know about any of that,” Moinet exclaimed. “There were a lot of rumors about me going around, and like every girl on the main roster. And everyone goes through things.”

Moinet also touched upon her idea to pitch the reunion of former NXT stable, BFFs, consisting of Banks and Charlotte, to the main roster.

“All the NXT stuff, I wish we had an opportunity on the main roster. I love the BFFs. I think that was great. We had so many ideas for making a sorority t-shirt like the Beta- I don’t know what F would be in Greek. Making like shirts with Greek letters and selling them. And hazing girls like very old school, like Mickie James vibes. It was like a transitional time where now they bring NXT people up with their gimmick. But we were very much in that time that we just kind of got lost in the mix.”

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