Danielle Moinet, formerly known in WWE as Summer Rae, sat down with Ring The Belle to count down her top five fan favorite moments in WWE.

One of Moinet’s main talking points was WWE superstar Natalya. Despite an on-camera slap on Total Divas, Moinet had all praise for WWE superstar Natalya as she spoke about their relationship.

“I love Nattie,” Moinet declared. “I thought I was horrible and really mean on Total Divas. People that know me in real life know who I am, and know I would never do anything like that. But it’s your first season, and you gotta stir the pot! It was a great scene heard from around the world. She’ll always be a worker. Nothing you do can ever offend her.

“I know if she called me fat, and I called her ugly and said something about her family she would never care ever. Like no one’s feelings would secretly be hurt, and there are girls in the locker room whose feelings would secretly be hurt. Nattie is such a worker, and she’s hands down one of my favorite people in the business”

Another impactful moment Moinet spoke about was her chance at writing her own promo for the Rusev storyline. After TMZ publicized Rusev and Lana’s engagement, it was Moinet’s chance to try her hand at writing and delivering a self-written promo which was immediately well received.

“I actually wrote the promo, and that’s never been said before,” Moinet said. “Higher powers were very upset [the storyline had to be dropped]. They thought I was the one that would suffer most from this. So they just were like, ‘you know it’s not fair. Would you like to write your own promo?’ I’m really proud of it. I wrote the whole thing, and it was easy to memorize because I wrote it. And I loved it. When I went in the back, it was like standing ovations. Stephanie, Vince, and definitely Armstrong, like everyone was back there. Everyone’s standing and I was proud of it. Stephanie even came out to me, and she was like, ‘That was a slap, girl!”

Moinet also mentioned that if she returns, it would be in Chicago, IL – the same city AEW All Out will be taking place in August.

“If I ever returned, it’ll be in Chicago,” Moinet said. “Spoiler Alert…I’m a Vince girl. I’ll never burn a bridge.”

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