The Undertaker made his return to WWE RAW on tonight's episode from Everett, Washington.

Taker made the save for Roman Reigns as he was being double teamed by Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in their 2-on-1 Handicap Match. The crowd loudly cheered Taker on, for one of the loudest RAW pops in recent memory, as he chokeslammed Shane and dropped Drew. Taker would continue the attack on Shane and Drew before sending them retreating up the ramp.

There was no interaction besides Taker and Reigns, but Taker did briefly look down at Reigns as he recovered in the corner. The segment ended by going to commercial as Shane and Drew looked on from the ramp, shocked at The Dead Man's return.

Stay tuned for updates on Taker's return, and if he will be teaming with Reigns to face McIntyre and McMahon in tag team action. The announcers noted on commentary that Shane and Drew have caused problems by waking The Dead Man.

Below are photos and video from Taker's return on RAW tonight: