Tyler Breeze did a Q&A on Twitter this week and was asked if he feels like he's been "overlooked, or at the very least underused on the main roster."

Breeze responded, "Honestly. It isn't my company. And I signed on to work for this company. So at takeover and for years I showed exactly what and who I am. It's their choice professionally however they want to use me. It's up to me whether or not I wanna sign that paper saying I'm ok with that"

We've noted how Breeze is back in WWE NXT now. He lost to NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream at Saturday's "Takeover: XXV" event. Breeze told another fan that he and Triple H decided on sending him back to the main roster. Triple H and Breeze have both recently spoke about how this is not a demotion for Breeze, but a "lateral move" for his career.

Breeze was also asked about the best part of being a pro wrestler.

"Like any art form it's the satisfaction of seeing an idea or thought come to life and watching people react to it. Very fulfilling," he responded.

You can see Breeze's tweets below: