Tyler Breeze recently spoke with Byron Saxton to discuss his WWE NXT return for the WWE website. It was recently revealed that both Breeze and Triple H made the decision for him return to NXT from the main roster. Breeze was asked how difficult of a decision it was.

"One of the easiest choices of my life," Breeze said. "I was built here. I was born here. Anytime I've ever questioned where I'm going, I head back home to NXT to get clarity. I head back home to recharge and reassess. And every single time it's paid off. I trust myself. I trust my skill. I trust my passion. I trust NXT."

Breeze said he's only focused on himself with this NXT run. He was asked what the primary differences are between his first NXT experience and this one.

"The difference is maturity and priorities," Breeze said. "When I was here before, I was a pillar helping to build NXT, and I was involved in every first imaginable. I built this brand into an empire ... my empire, until I was plucked from my empire and unable to reap the benefits of my hard work. This time I'm not building anything. I'm not helping anything. I'm here for myself, plain and simple."

Breeze was asked which NXT Superstars he looks forward to wrestling, but he said he's not interested in the new flavors of the month.

"Honestly, I don't care who is in NXT. I've been here before, and it's always been the same story," he said. "We glorify everyone else in NXT, except for Tyler Breeze. The new flavors of the month come and go, and we're told they are the next best thing. Why ignore the staple? Put me in there with anyone you want. I don't care, because you're only going to be focusing on me."