WWE NXT Superstar Tyler Breeze took to Twitter this week to tweet a correction to an AEW-relate headline.

The Bleeding Cool website, which has covered pop culture since 2009, wrote an article this week that was titled, "Tyler Breeze Wants to Join AEW… Funko Pop Collection"

The article covered how the Pop Vinyls website, which focuses on the popular Funko Pop vinyl figures, made a tweet that asked fans which AEW wrestlers they would like to see made into Funko Pop figures. They tweeted, "IF Funko made @AEWrestling Pop Vinyls, reply with a picture of who you would want a Pop of and in what look! I am gonna cheat and go first @dustinrhodes . Just choose 1!"

Breeze responded to that tweet and begged them to create a Funko Pop figure for him, something he's tweeted about before. Breeze wrote, "For the love of god.... Breeze! Man... Me! Make me!"

Due to comments from fans, Breeze was then forced to respond to the Bleeding Cool headline that said, "Tyler Breeze Wants to Join AEW… Funko Pop Collection"

"Haha come on. I said I wanted a funko pop. That's all haha," Breeze wrote in response to the headline.

You can see the related tweets below: