At last night’s NXT TakeOver XXV, Tyler Breeze lost to the NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream. After the match, Breeze spoke about the two gaining some mutual respect for each other, and that he’s back in NXT.

“If we’re being really, really honest with ourselves, that match could have gone either way,” Breeze said. “Velveteen. He’s North American Champion for a reason. I knew it coming in, but especially after something like that, I’ve gained respect for him. And I think, he’s gained respect for me. Because when you go through something like that, even if I didn’t become the North American Champion the point is, I’m back in NXT. And I see the landscape has changed a little bit, not just with Velveteen, but with the entire locker room. Like I said, I’m not going anywhere, I’m back in NXT.”

Breeze commented on making a statement for the NXT locker room, believing that everyone there knows what he’s done in the past and should be watching him even closer now.

“I think it’s one of those things that people hear, they know, even if they don’t know Tyler Breeze personally, they know the legacy I left behind,” Breeze replied. “Building a place like this, building NXT. So now the fact that I’m back, I think everybody is paying a little closer attention to what I’m doing.”

After spending about five years in WWE’s development, Breeze was moved to SmackDown in 2015, initially as a singles competitor and then teaming up with Fandango. NXT has changed a bit since his first run, Breeze was asked if the brand had passed him by.

“I know that was a question a lot of people had coming into this,” Breeze said. “Watch that [match] back. You tell me, has it passed me by? Did he easily beat me out there? I don’t think so.”

After last night’s North American Championship match, Triple H wrote to Breeze on Twitter, “Talent. Attitude. Ability. HOME. First step back to gorgeous.”