Jim Cornette took to Twitter today to given an update on reports on the health of wrestling legend "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton.

It was being reported that Eaton had suffered a heart attack, but that's not correct. Cornette noted that Eaton was hospitalized with heart issues, but his situation is improving.

Cornette wrote, "He did NOT have a heart "attack", but congestive heart failure/fluid buildup in chest, legs, etc causing heart to work harder. Being treated with diuretics, changing meds, heart rate down, pacemaker is fine, situation improving. He thanks all who are worried!"

Eaton, who turns 61 in August, was hospitalized in 2006 due to high blood pressure and diabetes. He has suffered several health issues since then, and had a pacemaker inserted in 2013.

You can see Cornette's full tweet below: