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Recap of last week’s 205 Live, where Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa pinned each other during the number one contender’s fatal-four way matchup. General Manager Drake Maverick announces that because of this…Tony Nese will defend the cruiserweight championship against Tozawa and Gulak this Sunday at Stomping Grounds. This evening’s card is then show: the Singh Brothers battle the Lucha House Party, and Oney Lorcan looks for revenge against Ariya Daivari in the main event.

205 Live song intro.

Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live, this week from Ontario California.

The Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik) makes their way to the ring for our opening contest. Commentary reminds us that General Manager Drake Maverick is the new 24/7 champion, and has fled the arena. The Singh brothers (Samir and Sunil) are next.

Singh Brothers versus Lucha House Party

Dorado and Samir start. Dorado shows off his athleticism with a springboard maneuver. Samir slaps him and plays to the crowd. Double-team from Lucha House Party. Sunil runs in to help his brother but he gets sent to the outside. Metalik and Dorado fake tandem suicide dives but instead backflip and stare the Singh brother’s down. Double-hip toss from the Lucha House Party. Dorado follows up with a standing dive. Cover…Sunil kicks out. Dorado climbs…Samir distracts him from the apron…Sunil takes advantage and pulls Dorado to the mat. Singh brothers are now in control.

With Sunil dancing on the apron, Samir stops Dorado down in his team’s corner. Singh brother’s dance together before continuing to wear Dorado down. Dorado attempts a comeback but Samir grounds him with a headlock. Dorado lays into Samir with some chops and goes for a tag…Sunil pulls Metalik away at the last second. Sing brother’s with a Russian-leg/superkick combo. Metalik breaks up the pinfall at the last second. Samir bounces Dorado off the ropes…handspring stunner! Dorado crawls over…Metalik gets tagged in. He comes in hot…taking both Singh’s out with his impressive rope-walking moveset. Pop-up dropkick from Metalik. He sets Dorado up in the corner…Dorado climbs…shooting star press connects. Cover…Sunil stops at the last second. The Singh’s grab the pinata from Kalisto on the outside causing a distraction to Dorado…Sunil with a roll-up…got em!

Singh Brothers win by pinfall

Backstage Noam Dar cuts a promo. He says since Drew Gulak attacked him, he’s been enjoying some time off recovering in Magaluf (Spain). He looks forward to coming back, but only if Drake Maverick meets his demands. Brian Kendrick walks up and does a bit with Dar where they pretend they are in Magaluf, but Kendrick says he has to go because he has to catch his private jet to California, because he has a match later.

Commercial for WWE Stomping Grounds. It highlights the Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre feud.

Brian Kendrick makes his way out for our next matchup. His opponent…Russ Taylor…is already in the ring.

Brian Kendrick versus Russ Taylor

Kendrick offers a handshake prior to the match beginning, but Taylor violently slaps it away. Taylor then offers a handshake of his own…Kendrick slaps it away. They go to do the spot again but Taylor slaps Kendrick. Kendrick, angrily, nails Taylor with a dropkick. He takes him to the mat with running elbows, then a series of enziguris. Sliced bread…this one is over quick.

Brian Kendrick wins by pinfall

Flashback of Chad Gable’s 205 Live debut from last week, where he defeated Jack Gallagher by countout. Backstage Gallagher is interviewed about what comes next. Gallagher commends Gable, but says they have unfinished business. Mike and Maria Kanellis walk up. Mike calls Gallagher an embarrassment for losing to a debuting star before taking a shot at Maverick for not being present at tonight’s show. Mike then calls Gallagher dead-weight. “I am done with this show being overlooked, because guys like you drop the ball over and over again.” Gallagher responds by challenging Mike to a matchup next week. “I’ll give you an opportunity to get a black eye in front of your wife.”

Preview for tomorrow’s NXT.

Main event time. Ariya Daivari makes his way out first. Footage of his attack on Oney Lorcan during last week’s headliner is shown. Lorcan follows. Here we go.

Ariya Daivari versus Oney Lorcan

Lorcan comes out strong with a running uppercut. He lays into Daivari with running corner shoulder thrusts. Daivari rolls to the ringside and tries to escape through the crowd but Lorcan chases him and brings him back. Dropkick from Lorcan to Daivari’s face. Huge lariat. He goes for the half-and-half early…Daivari slows Lorcan down with a superkick. Lorcan shakes it off and tries to climb but Daivari meets him up there…armbreaker off the second rope. Lorcan grabs at his arm. Commentary says that Lorcan could have possibly hyper-extended it.

Daivari targets the arm with strikes and submissions. Lorcan slips behind for a suplex…Daivari has it scouted and sends Lorcan into the turnbuckles shoulder first. He picks him up and throws him to the opposing corner. Lorcan connects with a big chop but Daivari maintains control of the match with another submission. Daivari bounces Lorcan off the ropes…dropkick misses. Lorcan goes for the half-and-half again…Daivari rolls him off…kick caught by Lorcan…Daivari transitions into the cobra-clutch! Lorcan is right in the center…Daivari brings him to the mat. He’s fading…Lorcan fires up and slams Daivari into the corner and breaking free of the hold. Big right hand by Lorcan…another. Daivari responds with a codebreaker to the injured arm. Daivari puts Lorcan on the top…the slams him over his head by the arms. Cover…only two. Daivari misses a frog-splash. Both men are down.

Lorcan launches himself into Daivari in the corner. Running blockbuster connects but Daivari kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Lorcan picks Daivari up…huge chop. Another. A third. Daivari comes back with a haymaker…Lorcan with a running uppercut. He comes off the ropes again…superkick by Daivari. He goes for the hammerlock lariat…Lorcan switches behind and hits the half-and-half! Daivari falls to the outside. He nails Lorcan with a chair! DQ.

Oney Lorcan wins by disqualification

Daivari continues his assault on Lorcan’s arm. He throws Lorcan over the announcer’s table, then mounts him to deliver stiff right hands. Daivari then whips Lorcan into the steel steps, and screams at his face. Daivari brings Lorcan to the top of the entrance path and slams him off the LED board. Referees come out to separate him but the damage has already been done. He picks up Lorcan again…hammerlock lariat. Lorcan is out. Daivari poses with a grimacing look over Lorcan. Highlight of the bout are shown.

Promo package for the triple-threat cruiserweight title match for the Stomping Grounds pay per view. Nese says that he knows that the odds are stacked against him, but he tells the odds-makers to “shove it.” He promises to remain a fighting champion, and will still be after Sunday.

Tozawa is next. He says that Gulak is tough and Nese is the all-around best, but he will be cruiserweight champion once again.

Gulak is last: “There is no hope for a better 205 Live. Only a better Drew Gulak.” He says that rules are out the window, it’s time for him to be the Gulak of old: “Sadistic, violent.” Segment ends with Gulak promising that the WWE Universe would call him champion.

That’s the show friends.