WWE 24/7 Title Segment With R-Truth And Jinder Mahal Currently Has More Than 6 Million Social Views

The video of the WWE 24/7 Title change between champion R-Truth and Jinder Mahal is doing strong numbers on social media.

As noted, Jinder captured the title from Truth on a golf course this past Sunday. Truth quickly took the title back to become a three-time WWE 24/7 Champion.

The video currently has over 6 million video views across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The segment was uploaded to YouTube at around 5:45pm on Sunday and currently has 5,080,243 views there. It was posted to Facebook soon after and that video currently has 601,000 views. WWE tweeted the video at around 5:50pm on Sunday and that video currently has 335,000 views. Another copy of the video was tweeted out at around 2am on Monday and that video currently has 52,500 views.

You can see the segments above and below: