WWE Champion Kofi Kingston Describes His Experience Teaming Up With CM Punk

Before finally reaching the pinnacle of WWE and obtaining his first WWE Championship, Kofi Kingston proudly held each of the other titles that WWE has to offer their established stars. Apart from his record-setting WWE Tag Team Championship reign with Big E and Xavier Woods of The New Day (and the other four title reigns the group has had), Kingston has had a variety of tag team partners that he has become tag team champions with.


Kofi sat down with WrestlingAc.com during WWE's recent tour of Saudi Arabia for WWE Super ShowDown, and he took a moment during the interview to reminisce on what it was like teaming with both CM Punk and R-Truth in the past.

"I was tag team champions with CM Punk which was awesome because I learned so much from him," Kingston said. "He was one of the guys that took me under his wing when he didn't have to, and I was always grateful for that friendship. Being tag team partners with R-Truth is always fun! He's always making you laugh and every single moment we had together was always fun, so, I was always appreciative of that."

Another of Kingston's former teammates, Evan Bourne, found success in companies billed under the name "Matt Sydal" after he parted ways with WWE. Kingston especially looked forward to the competitive nature of his tag team matches with Bourne.


"With Evan Bourne, same thing!" Kingston exclaimed. "Super cool guy, super athletic guy, two guys who, when we were in there together, we would try to out-do each other. I'd see him doing something cool and I'd be like, 'I want to do something cool too.' It was an awesome experience to see him up-close and personal. Some of the things he does are just out of this world... I can't possibly pick a favorite because everyone has their benefits and their strengths and different things that I enjoyed when I tagged with them."

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