– As seen above, Dana Brooke appeared at Monday’s WWE RAW in Everett, Washington, for another one of her “flex” segments with the live crowd during a commercial break.

“Whats up, Everett? In life, like in the ring, we take hits like this,” Brooke said before showing a shot from last week’s WWE Main Event injury from Sarah Logan. “Last week I was bumped and bruised, and nobody walks through life unscathed, but I don’t call them scars though, I call them badges of honor and nothing will hit me hard enough to keep me down and I know that goes the same with all of you. So, Everett, get up on your feet and show me your strength, and let me see your best flex. Put ’em up guys, let me see it. Put’ em up, put ’em up.”

Brooke’s music then hit as she pointed out fans who were flexing in the crowd. As we noted before, Brooke faced Logan in a rematch at this week’s WWE Main Event tapings in Everett.

– Former WWE Women’s Champion Layla turns 42 years old today while WWE NXT referee Jessika Carr turns 28 and former WWE star Damien Demento turns 61.

– WWE held more of the fan interactive segments during commercial breaks at this week’s RAW in Everett, WA, led by Sarah Schreiber. As seen below, one fan tweeted about how Schreiber quizzed a younger fan on wrestler nicknames. He named CM Punk when asked who goes by the “Best In the World” nickname, which would be Shane McMahon to WWE.