WWE NXT Results (6/26): Shayna Baszler Defends Title Against Io Shirai In A Steel Cage Match

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Tonight features NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler vs. Io Shirai in a Steel Cage Match, The Street Profits take on The Forgotten Sons, and Joaquin Wilde vs. Angel Garza in a first round NXT Breakout Tournament match.

Joaquin Wilde vs. Angel Garza (First Round Match – NXT Breakout Tournament)

Wilde is formerly known as DJZ, Garza was Garza Jr. from Impact. Wilde gets the best of Garza early on. Back and forth counters lead to a stalemate. Garza looks for a handshake and pops Wilde in the face. Wilde shoves him away, hits a springboard arm drag. Garza looks for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Wilde counters by splashing down on him. Wilde with a hurricanrana attempt, but Garza just splats him down to the mat. Wilde is popped up in the air, kick to the head, knee to the face. Garza does his signature tearaway pants spot to a solid pop.


Wilde gets shoved in the corner, knees to the midsection. Garza flips Wilde in the air and drops him to the mat, goes for the cocky cover, two. Garza with a big chop, Wilde returns fire. Garza with a dropkick, cover, two. Wilde looks to get in some offense, Garza fights him off, Wilde with a pounce, inverted atomic drop, double knees to the face, pin, two. Garza out to the floor, Garza moves, Wilde with a suicide dive through the corner area of the ring. Back in the ring, Wilde heads to the top, Garza catches him with a kick, he heads up, both on the top turnbuckle, spanish fly on Wild, cover, two! Garza can't believe it, Wilde tries to roll him up, two. Garza with a kick to the face, butterfly hook into a stunner, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Angel Garza via Pinfall

- KUSHIDA talks about him move to NXT and how he's in an interesting position. He wonders who will stand in front of him and be his next opponent. He's here because the best in the world is here.


- Last week, Damian Priest talks to the media after his debut. They ask if it's just a sign of things to come, he stops them and says they haven't even seen anything yet, and the name, Damian Priest, will live forever.

Street Profits vs. Forgotten Sons (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Before things get going, Dawkins and Ford on the mic, say the Forgotten Sons think they can step to the champs. They say if this was for the titles, they think they could take them, but that's not the case. Dawkins say well, why don't they put the titles on the line right now. Ford and Cutler get things started, Ford gets stomped in the corner, continues to hammer away as Blake gets tagged in. Double neckbreaker, cover, two.

Ford is able to roll away from his opponents, Dawkins is tagged in, he goes to work on both guys. Clothesline on Cutler, exploder suplexes on both wrestlers. Spinning splashes on both opponents, spinebuster, Ford with a huge frog splash, cover. Jaxson Ryker yanks Ford out of the ring and the referee call for the bell.

Winners: Street Profits via DQ

- Post-match, Forgotten Sons beats up on the champs, Ryker with a double ax handle on Dawkins. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch run down to the ring to fight off the Forgotten Sons and clear out the ring. While the Street Profits look out at the Forgotten Sons, Burch and Lorgan take hold of the titles. Ford goes to take it and Lorcan holds it away for a moment. Burch and Lorcan then hand them back, Burch says the champs owe them.


- Backstage, Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai get ready for their Steel Cage Match later tonight.

- Earlier today, Aliyah says she's beyond grateful to put Mia Yim in her place when the two face off in the ring.

Keith Lee vs. Nykos Rikos

Crowd very much behind Lee as he encourages them on. Rikos tries to put Lee's arms down, then chops him to no damage. Lee with double chops to the chest, massive pounce sending Rikos nearly out of the ring. Lee picks his opponent up and on his shoulder, hits limit breaker, cover, and we're done here.

Winner: Keith Lee via Pinfall

- Adam Cole is on his way to Download Fest in the UK to defend his NXT Championship. Cole says Gargano has no idea what it's like to travel like he does, he's not a star like Cole. We see clips of Cole defending his title at the Download Fest. The next week, Cole talks to Roderick Strong on the phone about going to a restaurant called "Gargano's."

- Next week: Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Breeze, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs Cameron Grimes in another first round match in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Io Shirai (Steel Cage Match for the NXT Women's Championship)

This is the first-ever women's steel cage match in NXT. Crowd fairly split as the match gets started. Shirai charges right in, but gets caught with a bunch of strikes by Baszler. Shirai gets sent towards the cage, blocks it, back and forth counters lead to Baszler stretching Shirai out and then stomping her on the back. Baszler looks to walk out, Shirai trips her up and lands a kick. Shirai with a dropkick, kip-up, and falls down for a moment from the damage she's already sustained. She pops back up and hits a palm strike, Shirai begins climbing the cage, Baszler brings her back down and sends her face first into the cage. One more time, but this time back first.


Baszler cranks Shirai's neck, sends her into the cage once again, kick to the back, cover, two. Shirai with an inside cradle, two, Baszler up and again sends Shirai into the cage. Baszler shoving Shirai into the cage, punch to the midsection. Baszler looks to walk out, but decides to beat up Shirai some more, cover, two. Baszler tries to send Shirai into the cage again, no luck, Baszler goes into it and Shirai hits two dropkicks, sending the champ into the cage both times. Double knees to the back of Baszler, german suplex with the bridge, two-count.

Double knees in the corner on Baszler. Shirai heads to the top rope, then goes to the top of the cage, Baszler chases after brings her back to the top rope. Baszler looks to choke Shirai out up there and Shirai get dumped down to the mat. Shirai is able to get back up and hit a german suplex on Baszler off the top rope! Shirai heads out to the door, as the referee opens it, both Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir run out and hold the ref against the door, so Shirai can't get out. The door ends up getting kicked, sending the ref down to the ground. Shafir locks the door as Shafir looks to get out. Shirai climbs the cage and meets Shafir at the top. Candice LeRae runs out, sends Duke into the side of the cage, climbs it, and kicks Shafir off the cage.


Duke opens the door, goes in and tries to pull Baszler out through the door. LeRae with a crossbody off the cage down on Duke. Shirai gets on top of the cage and hits a moonsault on Baszler! Both are down now and crawling towards the open door, both are stopping each other from advancing. Shirai is nearly out of the door and Baszler just barely gets her foot. Baszler tries to choke Shirai out, Shirai fights it off. She locks it in again, Shirai is fading, but then slams the door into Baszler's head over and over. Baszler ends up flopping out of the ring and retains the title. Crowd was very much into that match.

Winner: Shayna Baszler retains the NXT Women's Championship

- Post-match, The Horsewomen head out. LeRae checks on Shirai and Shirai attacks her! Shirai then stops herself and looks to leave the ring. She ends up grabbing a chair from under the ring and jabbing it into LeRae's midsection, then smashing it over her back multiple times. Shirai sets the chair up in the middle of the ring, Shirai yells at LeRae in Japanese, then hits a suplex over the chair. Crowd is stunned and booing Shirai. Shirai heads up the ramp and says "I don't need friends." She taunts the crowd some more as she heads to the back.