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A video package of Jordan Devlin, Joe Coffey, Dave Mastiff, and Travis Banks all qualifying for tonight's main event: a fatal-four way number one contenders matchup for the NXT UK championship. Each man declares that he will be the one to dethrone WALTER.

NXT UK intro song (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Glasgow, Scotland. Tag-team action to open things up. Wild Boar and Primate, better known as The Hunt is out first. They'll be facing the duo Tyson T-Bone and Saxon Huxley.

The Hunt versus Tyson T-Bone versus Saxon Huxley

Huxley and Primate begin. Tie-up. Big uppercut by Huxley...Primate fires right back with a double-club. Boar tags in and pounds Huxley to the mat. Huxley reverse an Irish-whip...Huxley with a Lou Thez press. T-Bone in now. He lays into Boar's chest with a stiff PK. Duel kick by Huxley and T-Bone. They make quick tags in and out wearing Boar down. T-Bone goes for a cover but Boar escapes. Huge haymaker by T-Bone...another double-team attempt but Boar dodges and makes the hot tag to Primate. Primate comes in hot...suplex to Huxley and a dropkick to T-Bone sending him to the outside. Boar takes out T-Bone with a chop block. Double-team to Huxley. The Hunt picks up the win with stereo diving headbutts on Huxley.

The Hunt wins by pinfall

As The Hunt exits Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) attacks them from behind! They lay them out and stand tall at the entrance table. Commentary wonders if they'll play apart in the main event, which fellow Gallus member Joe Coffey is in.

Cut to highlights of Kay Lee Ray. She'll be in action next.

Commercial for Super Showdown.

Ilja dragunov versus Joseph Conners is announced for next week. McGuinness and Joseph hype the recently announced NXT UK Takeover in Cardiff.

Kay Lee Ray makes her way out. She receives a huge ovation from the Glasgow crowd, as she is from Scotland. Kasey Owens is out next.

Kasey Owens versus Kay Lee Ray

Tie-up. Ray with a wristlock. Owens rolls her up...kickout. They have a staredown and reset. Ray offers a handshake..Owens accepts but eats a huge forearm for doing so. Ray charges Owens in the corner...Owens gets the knees up, then locks in an armbar with the assistance of the ropes. Ray kicks Owens off and she falls hard to the outside. Back in the ring...Ray targets the left arm, tying it up in a standing submission. Ray cradles Owens...Owens kicks out. Backslide attempt...Owens wiggles away and slaps Ray...Owens off the ropes...Ray nails her with a dropkick. She goes back to the arm with a front hammerlock. She tosses Owens into the turnbuckles. She tries to do it again but Owens uses Ray's momentum against her and sends her into the corner. Back and forth striking...Owens wins the exchange. She bounces off the ropes...crescent kick by Ray. She picks Owens up...widow's peak. That'll do it.

Kay Lee Ray wins by pinfall

Promo package for the newly formed Imperium faction, which consists of Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel, and the NXT UK champion...WALTER. Footage of their brawl with British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven) from last week is played. The two teams will be facing off in a six-man tag match next week.

Advertisement for WWE Shop

Flashback to Jazzie Gabert's debut three weeks ago, when she attacked Xia Brookside on the orders of Jinny. Backstage Jinny and Gabert are asked how their pairing came together. Jinny says that a woman of wealth knows how to befriend someone of Gabert's status. "If any other woman thinks they can get in my way...she will take care of them," warns Jinny.

Joseph asks McGuinness who is pick is to win tonight's main event. Before McGuinness can answer, the NXT UK tag team champions, Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake Zack Gibson), make their way to the ring. Gibson says that backstage management told them not come out but he has to get something off his chest. Gibson says they were asked to defend their titles at the download festival and he and Drake are not happy about it. He calls out Johnny Saint for making the match at that festival of "dirty" scoundrels. Gibson then claims that he and Drake are the most decorated champions in all of WWE, and demands that Johnny Saint cancel unless they want morale to drop. Segment ends.

Main event is next!

Imperium versus British Strong Style is advertised once again.

Gallus music hits. Joe Coffey says goodbye to Wolfgang and his brother Mark at the entrance and enters the ring. Dave Mastiff is out next, followed by Jordan Devlin. Travis Banks is last. Here we go.

Travis Banks versus Joe Coffey versus Jordan Devlin versus Dave Mastiff Number One Contenders Match

Banks spears Devlin and takes him to the outside for a brawl. Mastiff and Coffey charge each other but neither man budges. Another charge sends them both out of the ring on the opposite sides. They slam into each other again. Banks and Devlin try springboard attacks to take down Mastiff and Coffey but the big men send them both into the barricade. Coffey and Mastiff charge once again...they knock each other out with a double-shoulder bump. Banks and Devlin take advantage with suicide dives. Banks and Devlin clash inside the ring...Banks lays into Coffey and Devlin with chest kicks, they both fall into the corner. Running corner uppercuts from Banks to both men. Devlin charges...Banks drops him with a shin-kick that sends Devlin into Coffey's groin.

Mastiff with a German suplex on Banks. Coffey is next...Mastiff sends him across the ring. Devlin tries to sneak up on Mastiff but Mastiff sensed it and slams Devlin. Coffey with big uppercuts to Mastiff. He goes for a suplex...Mastiff counters and bounces off the ropes...Coffey catches him with a powerslam. Coffey then swings Banks with Devlin on his shoulders. Loud pop for the Scotland native. Coffey locks up Devlin in a butterfly lock...he swings him again, then hits a double-underhook suplex. Pinfall...Devlin escapes. Coffey tries to smash Devlin's face on the turnbuckle but Devlin sends him into the ringpost instead.

Devlin in control now. He puts down Banks with a backbreaker and standing moonsault. Stiff running elbow connects. Mastiff goes after Devlin...Devlin pulls down the top rope and Mastiff lands on the apron. Kick from Devlin sends Mastiff to the arena floor. Devlin continues to wear down Banks with an inverted backbreaker. He mocks Gallus which incites boos from the crowd. Coffey makes him pay with a big left hand...Mastiff on the other side hits Devlin with a right hand...Banks joins in...they all land shots on Devlin until he falls to the outside. Banks goes for a springboard but Mastiff catches him with another German suplex that nearly wins the match. Devlin back in...he goes for his saito finisher on Mastiff but can't get him up. Banks drops Devlin with a dropkick. Coffey takes out Banks and Mastiff dropkicks the two of them in the corner. Mastiff hits the cannonball on them both! Devlin breaks up the pin with a moonsault from the top! All four men are down! Loud NXT chants!

Banks breaks up a pin goes for the kiwi crusher on Devlin but Devlin catches him with a Spanish-Fly. Coffey hits his discus lariat. Cover...Mastiff breaks it up with a senton. Coffey and Mastiff take each other out. Slice of Heaven out of nowhere from Banks onto Devlin. Kiwi em!

Travis Banks wins by pinfall and is the new number one contender for the NXT UK title

Banks celebrates as Devlin, Mastiff, and Coffey all look disappointed in their loss. Commentary puts over how much Banks has overcome, including his injuries, to become the new number one contender. He stands tall.

That's the show friends.