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Vignette promo hyping today’s six-man tag main event between British Strong-Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven) and Imperium (WALTER, Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner) following their pull-apart brawl a couple of weeks ago.

NXT UK intro. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. Today’s show mark’s the brand’s final night in Glasgow.

Xia Brookside makes her way out for the opening contest, which is announced as a tag team. Recap of Jinny introducing Jazzy Gabert roughly a month ago, who attacked Brookside following a match. Brookside will be partnering with Scotland’s own, Isla Dawn. Jinny and Gabert are out next.

Xia Brookside & Isla Dawn versus Jinny & Jazzy Gabert

Jinny and Dawn begin. Tie-up. Jinny with a hammerlock. Dawn takes Jinny down and applies a standing armbar. Dawn muscles Jinny to the mat, and places her knee in Jinny’s back to add more pressure. Brookside tags in and targets the arm with a middle-rope axe-handle. Deep headlock from Brookside…Jinny reverses the hold into a wristlock but Brookside uses the ropes to escape. Dropkick connects. Jinny crawls over…Gabert tags in. Brookside goes for a single-leg takedown but Gabert is too strong. Knee to Gabert’s gut…Brookside attempts a frankensteiner…Gabert holds on…Brookside goes for a code-red…Gabert doesn’t budge. She rag-dolls Brookside around the ring. Quick-tag to Jinny who gets in her shots before bringing Gabert right back in.

Dawn comes in. Huge strikes to Gabert…she drops her with a thrust knee. Gabert catches a head kick…she picks her up…dominator. Jinny screams to be tagged in so she can make the pin. It’s over.

Jinny & Jazzy Gabert win by pinfall

Promo package for Ligero. He talks about not being able to see out of his right eye until he had an operation at 8 years old. Ligero says that he was picked on in school for being shy, and didn’t have a lot of confidence. He found wrestling, and it was able to give him the boost of motivation he needed. “It just became something that I ended up embracing.” He says that wearing the mask is now the identity he will always have.

Ilja Dragunov and Joseph Conners is up next, but first, a commercial for WWE Stomping Grounds.

Kenny Williams is interviewed about Noam Dar’s cheap tactic to pick up a victory a few weeks ago. Williams says he’s not surprised by Dar’s actions, as that is the man he’s always been. Williams stresses that he can’t let it distract him, as he has to face Kassius Ohno next week.

Joseph Conners makes his way to the ring for our next matchup. Ilja Dragunov is next.

Joseph Conners versus Ilja Dragunov

Tie-up. Neither man budges. They break the grapple and taunt each other. Conners baits in Dragunov, then kicks him in the gut. Dragunov is barely phased…he drops Conners with a huge discus chop. He cranks at Conners’ head. Huge club to the back sends Conners to the outside. Conners goes for a powerslam but Dragunov slips behind him and nails an enziguri. Dragunov off the ropes…Conners sends him flying into the ropes. Conners with a flurry of offense. Huge lariat with pin…two count. Cobra-clutch from Conners. Dragunov gets to his feet…he powers out of the submission…huge right hand. Conners fires back with one of his own but it just pumps Dragunov up. Corner lariat connects. He goes for a second…Conners gets the boot up…sunset bomb sends Dragunov into the turnbuckles. He goes for a springboard maneuver…Dragunov catches him…DVD into the corner. Suplex by Dragunov. Running torpedo headbutt…it’s over.

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall

NXT UK women’s champion Toni Storm is interviewed about what’s next. She says that every woman on the roster wants a shot at her title, but she loves the “wild-side” of competition. She calls out Kay Lee Ray.

A #1 contender’s women’s battle royal is announced for next week.

Coming up next…a video hyping Travis Banks ahead of his NXT UK title matchup with WALTER.

Commercial for the WWE Network.

Cut to footage of Travis Banks. He says that the man fans see in the ring is very different from the man outside of the ring. He explains that he’s genuinely a very chill guy. He talks briefly about his shoulder injury that shelved him for three months, and how it put a lot of his life into perspective. Footage of Jordan Devlin’s attack on Banks at Takeover Blackpool back in January ahead of their scheduled match. Banks would be replaced on that night by Finn Balor. Banks would get his revenge by pinning Devlin in last week’s Fatal-Four Way bout, and earning a shot at the NXT UK champion, WALTER.

Main event is next!

Advertisement for WWE Shop.

The Hunt cut a promo on Gallus. “Next week…the hunt is on.”

Moustache Mountain’s music hits, as Trent Seven and Tyler Bate make their way out. Bruiserweight Pete Dunne is next, and British Strong-Style all pose at the top of the entrance path. The champ’s music hits next. WALTER, Marcel Barthel, and Fabian Aichner all stand in their signature pose before heading to the ring. Here we go.

Imperium versus British Strong-Style

Dunne and Aichner begin. Dunne nails a running forearm and stomps Aichner down. Aichner explodes out of the corner with a lariat. Headlock…Dunne bounces him off the ropes….lariat by Dunne. Bate tags in. He hits Aichner with a dropkick. Barthel comes in…he walks into a powerslam. Seven comes in and connects with a diving knee. Barthel rolls over and tags in WALTER. Seven unloads chops onto the champ…he gets distracted by Imperium and Walter drops him with a big chop of his own. Big boot and scoop slam in succession from Walter. Aichner is back in…he sends Seven flying with a belly-to-belly suplex. Bate and Dunne get knocked off the apron and Seven gets dragged into Imperium’s corner.

Barthel chokes Seven down…running PK and spinebuster. Seven manages to tag in Dunne at the same time Walter gets tagged in. Crowd is hot for this. Dropkick from Dunne into the champ’s knee. Walter fires off a chop but Dunne takes him down with a German suplex. Big boot in response from Walter. Bate and Aichner get into a brawl. Frankensteiner and running uppercut by Bate. He then suplexes Barthel onto Aichner. He picks Aichner up…airplane spin! Walter gets dropped to the outside…Barthel out of nowhere with a brainbuster onto Bate. Tandem offense by Imperium. They nearly pick up the win with a lungblower and diving double-stomp combo. Bate fights back though, and fends off all of Imperium by himself. Dunne hits the Bitter End! Flipping senton by Bate…cover…Walter breaks up the pin. Seven accidentally takes out the referee, then gets taken out himself. A masked man appears…it’s Alexander Wolfe! Sit-out powerbomb onto Bate. Barthel win the pinfall attempt…Bate can’t kick out.

Imperium wins by pinfall

Post-match, Imperium poses with their newest member, Wolfe. Crowd reigns boos on the faction. Commentary says that the balance of NXT UK has shifted.

That’s the show friends.