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Recap of last week's main event clash between British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven) and Imperium (WALTER, Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner), when Alexander Wolfe made his NXT UK debut, and attacked Tyler Bate. With his assistance, Imperium was able to pick up the victory.

NXT UK Intro (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from the Download Festival in England. They hype the main event: a women's battle royal to determine a new number one contender for Toni Storm's NXT UK women's championship.

Kenny Williams makes his way out for our opening contest. He'll be facing...Kassius Ohno.

Kenny Williams versus Kassius Ohno

Tie-up. Ohno with a takedown. He grabs Williams by the wrist. Williams attempts to escape...Ohno traps his arms. Williams with a front facelock but Ohno powers him up to re-apply the armlock. Williams hops onto Ohno and chokes him with a headscissor. Ohno gets to the ropes to break the hold. They reset. Ohno goes after the arm again. Williams bounces Ohno off the ropes...he rolls him up but Ohno transitions through. Nice sequence of counters...sunset flip pin but Ohno doesn't go down. Williams tries to catch Ohno in the ropes...Ohno lands the first strike with a boot to the face. Big right hand from Ohno. He wears Williams down with clubbing blows to the back, then targets his chest with vicious chops. Ohno picks Williams up in a firemans carry...Finlay slam. More stomps by Ohno.

Senton attempt...Williams gets the knees up. He fires off a few shots. O'connor roll pin...Ohno kicks out. Rebound PK by Williams sends Ohno to ringside. Catapult dropkick, followed by a suicide dive. Loud NXT chants. Williams throws Ohno back in...he climbs...back elbow connects. Ohno kicks out of the pin attempt. Williams goes for a springboard maneuver but Ohno traps him in the ropes...knockout elbow...that'll do it.

Kassius Ohno wins by pinfall

As Ohno celebrates at the top of the ramp..the champ's music hits. Imperium is here. WALTER stands along with Wolfe, Aichner, and Barthel in their signature pose. They head to the ring as we take our first commercial break.

Preview for WWE Stomping Grounds.

Back in the ring...Barthel has a microphone. Fans reign boos as he tries to speak. Barthel jabs at the crowd, saying that they think they are there to entertain them and assures they are not. "We stand on the mat that is so sacred to us to restore the honor of our sport," Barthel screams. Aichner is next. "As you saw last week...our numbers have increased. Our unit is now complete. You will respect our values. NXT will obey."

Now Wolfe is up. He says that when he saw the opportunity to join Imperium, he had no doubts. He claims that it felt right to join the faction because this unit "treats professional wrestling with respect." He warns the rest of the roster..."we will protect the legacy of this sport." Finally, the champion WALTER speaks. He calls out Travis Banks, saying that he may have a championship opportunity, but things will be done the way they want. WALTER reveals that the title match will take place next week.

This bring out Travis Banks. Loud "Kiwi Buzzsaw" chants. Banks says he has no problem fighting WALTER next week because he's worked for years to earn this opporunity. "I promise you WALTER...bring everything. Bring everything you've got." Segment ends with Banks and WALTER sharing an epic staredown.

Flashback to two weeks ago, when The Hunt was attacked by Gallus. That sets up our next bout, a tag team match, coming up after the break.

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Noam Dar gets interviewed. He responds to fans saying that he's taken a dive in NXT UK. He's offended, claiming that he's just come off a career-threatening injury. He sees Kenny Williams and wonders if Williams is interested in coming "under his wing" following his loss to Ohno. He says that Williams could be the perfect supporting act. Williams doesn't seem interested, but nothing gets physical.

The Hunt (Wild Boar, Primate) are out first. Gallus (Mark Coffey, Wolfgang) are second. The third member of Gallus, Joe Coffey, does not join them at ringside.

The Hunt versus Gallus

Primate and Coffey begin. They brawl. Wolfgang and Board jump in to join. The Hunt wins the exchange sending Gallus to ringside. Double suicide dive connects! Primate pounds on Coffey, then tosses him back in the ring. Boar tags in. Jumping senton to Coffey's back. Another to his chest. Coffey takes advantage of a referee distraction to land a right hand and full nelson slam. Wolfgang tags in. The big Scotsman knocks Primate off the apron, then goes after Boar with a running elbow drop. Head crank by Wolfgang. Boar gets trapped in the Gallus corner. Quick tags by Coffey and Wolfgang keep the Boar worn down. Coffey unloads a haymaker to Boar's gut. Modified cobra-clutch applied. Crowd claps to rally Boar to make the tag but Coffey keeps him grounded. Wolfgang back in...full-nelson locked in.

Primate eventually gets the tag and he comes in hot. Big lariats take down Wolfgang, followed by a flurry of strikes. Overhead suplex and back body drop in succession. Primate charges Wolfgang but Wolfgang moves and goes through the ropes. Meanwhile, Coffey takes out Boar by running him into the steel steps. They target Primate...enziguri/powerslam combo. Primate can't kick out.

Gallus wins by pinfall

Joe Coffey joins the rest of Gallus to celebrate. They attack The Hunt to send a message. Dave Mastiff comes out and runs Gallus off.

Backstage Moustache Mountain is being interviewed. It's announced that they will receive a tag team title match against the Grizzled Young Veterans in two weeks time. Seven and Bate say that they've been busy dealing with Imperium, but they are ready to prove to the WWE Universe, and the rest of the world, that they are the best.

Main event time. Xia Brookside is out first for the first-ever women's battle royal in NXT UK. Jinny is next, along with her muscle Jazzy Gabert. (Both are in the match.) We go to our final commercial, as several other women head to the ring.

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WALTER versus Travis Banks is confirmed for next week's NXT UK main event.

Kay Lee Ray is the next star out, followed by Piper Niven, and Rhea Ripley. Here we go.

Battle Royal For A Future Title Shot

All the women brawl, except for Gabert who is left alone in the middle. Brookside leads a charge to attack her, but Gabert overpowers them all, then tosses two unknowns out of the ring. Gabert sets up Candy Floss...dominator. She goes to throw her out but Jinny stops her and eliminates her. Kay Lee Ray gets sent to the outside but not over the top rope so she's still in the match. Meanwhile Niven and Ripley go at it. Niven picks up Gabert and puts her on the apron. Brookside with a dropkick to Gabert's legs...she's eliminated! Jinny is irate! She turns around...Brookside, Niven, and Isla Dawn triple-team her. They go to eliminate her...Gabert picks her up and puts her back in the ring. Referees tell Gabert she has to leave. Jinny gets officially eliminated by Brookside.

Niven nearly gets tossed...she battles off the apron with a headbutt and big elbow drop. Ripley and Killer Kelly trade shots...Ripley drops her onto the top ropes, then muscles her over for the elimination. Six women left (including Kay Lee Ray on the floor). Dawn and Brookside try to double-team Ripley over but the former champ fights them off. Ripley with a running powerslam to Brookside in the corner, hanging her in the tree-of-woe. Dawn tries to help Brookside...she gets tossed. Niven and Ripley have a showdown...back and forth shots. Neither woman has the advantage. Niven drops Ripley to the corner...running cannonball. They both end up on the apron...Brookside hits them with a dropkick...Ripley falls first and pulls Niven with her. Brookside thinks she's won it. Kay Lee Ray from behind with a lariat. Atomic drop sends Brookside to the floor, and giving Ray the victory.

Kay Lee Ray wins the Battle Royal to earn a future title opportunity

Kay Lee Ray celebrates.

That's the show friends.