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Promo from Travis Banks from earlier in the day. He says he knows that he’s considered the underdog in tonight’s title match against WALTER, but he’s prepared to shock the world. “Tonight…the Kiwi Buzzsaw is prepared too.”

NXT UK intro song (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK, this week from the Download Festival. Mark Andrews makes his way out for our opening contest. He’ll be clashing with Joseph Conners.

Mark Andrews versus Joseph Conners

Tie-up. Conners with a wristlock. Andrews shows off his athleticism to break the hold, then catches Conners with an arm-drag. Pace picks up…Andrews misses a PK…Conners takes advantage of the mistake with a flipping facebuster. He picks Andrews up…neckbreaker. Eary cover…Andrews kicks out. Conners lays Andrews in the corner and nails him with an elbow, followed by a short-armed lariat. Another pinfall attempt…Andrews escapes with ease. Andrews fires off a few right hands but Conners maintains control with a snap-suplex. Conners drapes Andrews under the bottom rope and bends him over the apron.

Andrews with a comeback. Flurry of strikes ending with an enziguri. Northern lights suplex connects. Andrews dumps Conners over the top and follows up with a suicide dive! Crowd with loud “NXT” chants. Back in the ring…Andrews with a standing moonsault. Conners gets a shoulder out on the cover. Nice sequence of counters…Conners sends Andrews into the turnbuckle with a sunset-bomb. Modified piledriver. Andrews is out at two on the cover! Conners goes for a DDT…cradle by Andrews…kickout. Suplex attempt from Conners but Andrews turns it into a stunner. He climbs…shooting star lands! It’s over! Big pop!

Mark Andrews wins by pinfall

Backstage Imperium is pumping up WALTER for the main event. WALTER seems calm and focused.

Elsewhere, The Hunt is letting out some frustration. Dave Mastiff walks up and says that they both share a similar problem in Gallus. He riles them up, and says that they can work together. The Hunt responds with their usual animal sounds…all three men walk off together.

Commercial for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff.

Back from break…the NXT UK tag champions Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) make their way out. Zack Gibson does his normal character intros, then berates General Manager Johnny Saint for making them perform at the Download Festival of “sweaty goths.” Gibson admits that he’s been moving away from people like them his whole life. He says that he and Drake will defend the titles against Moustache Mountain, but until then, he and Drake are going to relax at their five-star hotel resort.

Video package highlighting the feud between former NXT UK women’s champion Rhea Ripley, and Piper Niven. A singles-match between the two is announced for next week’s show.

Promo for the WWE Network.

A six-man tag between Gallus (Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang) and The Hunt & Dave Mastiff is will take place in two weeks according to a Tweet by General Manager Johnny Saint.

Women’s division action is next. Killer Kelly makes her way to the ring. She’ll be facing…Xia Brookside, who is out second.

Killer Kelly versus Xia Brookside

Brookside opens things up with a series of right hands that drops Kelly. Kelly responds with shots of her own, then tosses Brookside into the turnbuckles. Headscissor takedown by Brookside, followed by a dropkick. Kelly catches Brookside with a slam. She locks in a modified abdominal stretch, yanking at the fingers and clawing at Brookside’s eyes. Roll-up…two count. Pump kick by Brookside. Brookside creates separatino with a headbutt and a facebuster.

Jinny and Jazzy Gabert appear on the entrance path. Brookside gets distracted…Kelly takes advantage and clubs Brookside in the back. Gabert and Jinny leave. Brookside lans a codebreaker out of nowhere to sneak away with a win.

Xia Brookside wins by pinfall

Women’s champion Toni Storm is asked about Kay Lee Ray. Storm says she’s ready for a fight all the time, and wonders when Ray will be brave enough to cash-in on her guaranteed title match. In the meantime, Storm announces that she’ll be back in action in two weeks time.

Preview for the Alexa Bliss 365.

Noam Dar is out for the third matchup of the show. Commentary reminds us that he’s had a falling out with 205 Live manager Drake Maverick, and has been focusing more of his time in NXT UK. Ligero is out next. This should be fun.

Noam Dar versus Ligero

Tie-up. Dar mocks Ligero by pulling at his mask horns. Ligero gets angry but Dar rolls to the outside. Second tie-up…Dar traps Ligero’s arm, then shifts to a headlock. Dar bounces off the ropes…he gets the better of Ligero with a trip. Ligero falls onto Dar on an arm-drag attempt for a close pinfall. Dar responds with another headlock and once again pulls at Ligero’s horns. After repeatedly pulling at the horns Ligero unleashes a combo on Dar including a sic kick. Kenny Williams walks down to the ring with a steel chair…he sets it up and sits at ringside to watch the bout. Meanwhile, Dar takes control by shin-kicking Ligero off the middle-rope.

Dar goes for a suplex…Ligero escapes with a knee to the head. Big lariat turns Dar inside out. He picks Dar up…widowmaker…head kick…cover…Dar escapes. Ligero misses a springboard maneuver…Dar catches him in an ankle lock but Ligero rolls through. Dar with another shin kick. He picks Ligero up…fisherman suplex driver. Ligero JUST gets a shoulder up on the pinfall attempt. Dar calls for the shining wizard…Ligero catches him with a spin kick. Dar fires back with a lariat to the back of Ligero’s head but Ligero manages to connect with an enziguri. Both men are down.

Ligero goes for a pump kick…Dar moves and traps his leg in the ropes. Dar climbs for a double-stomp…Ligero moves. Dar plays like knee got hurt. He asks Williams to pass him the chair on the outside. Williams goes to do it…then decides not to at the last minute. Ligero out of nowhere with a roll-up…got em!

Ligero wins by pinfall

Dar is screaming at Williams as Ligero celebrates.

Recap of last week’s NXT UK, when WALTER called Travis Banks a fool for thinking that he stands a chance with him. Banks would come out and tell WALTER to bring everything he’s got because he’s bringing his A-game.

Commentary announces Grizzled Young Veterans versus Moustache Mountain for next week’s NXT UK main event!

Preview for WWE shop.

Main event time. The tale of the tape is displayed. The Kiwi Buzzsaw Travis Banks is out first. The champ is out second. The rest of Imperium is nowhere to be seen…for now. Here we go.

Travis Banks versus WALTER for the NXT U.K. championship

Banks goes for a leg-kick. Walter shakes it off. The champ overpowers Banks and tosses him to the mat. Banks connects with two leg kicks but Walter traps him in the corner. Chop attempt misses…Banks with a quick flurry of strikes. Walter slows Banks with an elbow. He catches him on a crossbody attempt, places him on the top turnbuckle, then bends him over to the outside. Banks runs back into the ring…Walter chokes Banks with a boot. He slaps Banks in the back before thrusting an elbow onto his forehead. Banks lands a chop but Walter nearly KO’s him with a standing boot to the face. Uppercut from Walter. Walter muscles Banks to the mat with a test of strength, then stomps right on Banks’ chest. Champ is in full control in the early goings.

Banks continues to fight hard. He ducks another strike and chops Walter down with a series of leg kicks…he drops the big guy! Chops and a running forearm rock Walter. Running dropkick to the legs and a shining wizard from Banks. He climbs to the top…double-stomp connects! Cover…only two. Banks calls for the end…springboard by Banks…Walter dodges and traps Banks in a Boston crab. Banks in trouble…he makes it to the ropes. Walter with clubbing blows. Walter misses a corner boot…another leg kick puts Walter down. Banks with a sprinboard enziguri…Walter smartly rolls under the ropes so he cannot be pinned. Banks sends Walter to the outside…bottom rope suicide dive connects! He throws Walter back inside but Walter surprises him with a boot. Walter pursues Banks on the outside…big chop…apron powerbomb! Back inside…another powerbomb. That’ll do it.

WALTER wins by pinfall to retain the NXT UK championship

The champ celebrates another successful defense. Commentary wonders who, if anyone, can take the title away from WALTER.

That’s the show friends.