WWE Officials Reportedly Happy With Matt Riddle, Riddle Talks Bill Goldberg Blocking Him On Twitter

There is said to be no backstage heat on WWE NXT Superstar Matt Riddle for some of his recent social media posts.

A listener recently asked Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio if Riddle has been getting any heat for his recent comments on Brock Lesnar and WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg, and for calling himself The King of Bros again. Meltzer said WWE officials are happy with Riddle.

"He is fine, they are happy. I don't know that they've actually told him to do this, but they are not unhappy that he's doing it, and he's not been told to stop. Some people think that he was told to do it, I don't know if that's really the case, that's more speculation, but he certainly hasn't been told to stop. They're not unhappy at all, I've heard that they are very happy actually," Meltzer said.

On a related note, Riddle took to Twitter this week and posted a screenshot that shows he has been blocked by Goldberg. Riddle commented on Goldberg vs. The Undertaker at Friday's WWE Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia.

"I can't wait to watch your match this Friday so I can see how good you are at wrestling [laughing emoji 4x]," Riddle wrote. Things could get interesting in the Kingdom this week as Riddle was rumored to be making the trip to Super ShowDown for the 50-Man Battle Royal, but his role in the match has not been confirmed.

Goldberg may have issues with Riddle going back to before WWE signed the former UFC fighter in the summer of 2018. Riddle spoke with Brian Fritz of SportingNews.com in March 2017 and fired shots at The Master of The Jackhammer. This was also one of the first interviews where Riddle started talking about Brock Lesnar.

"Bill Goldberg can't wrestle. That's it. He knows it," Riddle said. "The fact that the guy is very bold and claims he does MMA training and I know that's bulls–t. I saw him throw a knee on Rusev his first night back on Raw and he almost broke his hip when he fell on his back and they had him spear him and jackhammer him quick. His work in the ring ? people always go it's Goldberg, he can have a one minute match or whatever. Yeah, it's one minute because he can't work more than one minute. If he works more than one minute, it could Botchamania, you know? Even with one minute, it's Botchamania almost. Let's be honest, if we get more than a one minute match from Bill Goldberg, it's gonna suck. So, I hope he only wrestles for one minute whether he wins or loses, whatever. He's never been my cup of tea. I don't like how he acts like he's a shoot-style guy. I hated it when he did commentary for Strikeforce in MMA because he's not a legit, credible character. He's an old man who hits a jackhammer and a spear. He can't even do a kimura. If Bill wants to go in the gym, there doesn't even have to be cameras, if he wants to roll and train and see what it's like to be in the ring with a real stallion, he can. Any day, any time. Bill Goldberg is a pro wrestler. I do sport wrestling. I'm a real fighter. I'm a real athlete. I'm a sport athlete. He did football then parlayed that into doing a spear and jackhammer and then WCW let him go 250-0 and he got over. Let me beat Hulk Hogan in one minute, clean, for the title and see how my stock rises. It doesn't matter who you put in that situation. It just so happens they take the guy that couldn't wrestle for over a minute or two. And he's responsible for ruining Bret Hart's career and others and I could go on. There's multiple reasons why I don't like Goldberg and, foremost, it's because he doesn't deserve it."

Riddle, who regularly speaks out during media interviews about wanting to be the one to retire Lesnar and the one to break The Beast, often tweets about Lesnar as well. We noted before how The Bro of NXT tweeted on May 31 about showing up at this week's RAW to ruin Lesnar's Money In the Bank cash-in on WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Riddle didn't show up and the cash-in never happened, but Lesnar did beat Rollins down and indicate that he will cash in the brie on Friday at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.

Riddle took to Twitter the next morning and made storyline comments on RAW, claiming he wasn't allowed backstage.

"The Face I make when they won't let me backstage at RAW! This beating up Brock Lesnar thing might be harder than I originally thought," Riddle wrote.

Below are some of Riddle's recent posts on Goldberg and Lesnar, including one graphic that features Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: