WWE Referee Charles Robinson's Massive Horror Movie Collection Stolen

WWE Referee Charles Robinson lost around $51,000 worth of horror movie memorabilia after it was stolen from his storage unit back in May, according to The Charlotte Observer. The unit contained about two-thirds of his collection.

"I was really shocked when I opened the storage unit door and noticed that the place was a mess and stuff was missing," Robinson told The Charlotte Observer. "I seriously felt like it was a nightmare, and once I realized this was really happening, I felt sick to my stomach. Then I got angry once I didn't get any assistance from the storage company."

Robinson has since been checking eBay for some of his more rare items and may have found a lead. Among his stolen items, Robinson spotted his Jaws statue being sold and offered the seller $1,000, while also mentioning he had one just like it that was stolen recently. The seller apparently ended the auction after hearing that news. Robinson has since reported it to the police and is waiting to hear back on what they've found.

"We were trying to figure out how they had gotten into the unit, because my lock was still in the door," Robinson said. "The lock is a cylindrical lock that fit into a hole in the door. After inspecting the area, we noticed that there is a two-foot or more section above the door. It has a thin piece of flimsy aluminum in the middle of that. Apparently, someone can bend that back and crawl into the unit. Once inside, they just take a nut off of the back of the lock and gain access. The nut on the lock in my unit was missing."

Back in 2014, Robinson did a video for WWE where he showed off some of his collection, which you can check out above.