Mike Kanellis took to Twitter this week for another exchange with fans that praised the WWE 205 Live brand.

Kanellis first tweeted about how 205 Live put on a better wrestling show out of RAW and SmackDown again this week. He wrote, “Once again @WWE205Live puts on the best WRESTLING show of the week. Are you paying attention now? #wwe @WWE

As you might imagine, that tweet brought out the good and the bad of social media. One fan wrote, “Seems like the @WWE does not care about @WWE205Live and it’s 10 times better then smackdown and raw!!!”

Kanellis agreed that the company does not care about the cruiserweight brand. He wrote back, “They don’t. But the roster does. And everyone involved with 205 cares more than you could possibly imagine.”

Kanellis told another naysayer that they were missing out by not paying attention to 205 Live. Another fan wrote that the work-rate being put out on 205 Live is unbelievable. Kanellis responded, “We have a chip on our shoulder.”

Kanellis responded to another fan who said he wasn’t pulling weight, and indicated that he could make more of an impact on RAW or SmackDown. Kanellis wrote, “That’s because I have to be under 205lbs.”

Mike and wife Maria Kanellis has received more 205 Live TV time as of late, following reports that they requested their WWE releases earlier this year. It’s been reported that their WWE contracts will be expiring this summer, but that has not been confirmed.

You can see the related Twitter exchanges below:

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