A document has been leaked to Axios that allegedly contains nearly 100 internal transition vetting documents for President Donald Trump’s team, that identify “red flags” about officials who would end up in Trump’s Cabinet. Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon was covered in the documents. Linda ended up being Trump’s Administrator of the Small Business Administration, but recently resigned and will reportedly help with Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

The documents on Linda cover 14 “red flags” that had to be considered and vetted before she was appointed to any positions. It’s recommended that you read the full file at this link, which includes questions for Linda, her background, work experience, her past comments on Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, and lots more. Here are the 13 “red flags” that are available, as 1 was totally redacted.

* According To Open Secrets, Linda McMahon Has Donated To Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D), Our Common Values PAC (D), State Rep. Kevin Murray (D), State Senator Mark Warner (D), Rep. Tom Allen (D), And Stephanie Hunter Sanchez (D). (Center For Responsive Politics, Accessed 11/17/16)

* In 2013, The Hartford Courant Discovered That Linda McMahon Paid Property Taxes Late. (Daniela Altimari, “McMahon Was Late With More Property Tax Bills,” Hartford Courant, 9/25/12)

* In March 2016, McMahon Said Some Of Trump’s Comments About Women Were “Deplorable” And “Objectionable.” (Anthony Sulla Heffinger, “Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon Slams ‘Deplorale GOP Campaign Rhetoric, Dishes on Trump Candidacy,” Yahoo! News, 3/29/16) McMahon Took Nearly $3 Million In Taxpayer Subsidies For WWE As CEO, Despite Criticizing Government Bailouts. (Don Michak, “McMahon s Company Got Millions In State Tax Credits Weeks Before She Entered Senate Race,” Manchester Journal Inquirer, 10/29/09)

* Over The Years, There Have Been Several Allegations And Lawsuits Relating To Sexual Harassment At WWE. (“WWF Wrestling Star Sable Files Suit” Electronic Media, 6/7/99, Jeff Savage, “Sleaze No Illusion In World of Wrestling,” The San Diego Union Tribune, 3/11/92, John Marxulli, “WWE It s Just Sour Grapples,” New York Daily News, 9/18/02, “Vince Dont Count Out WWF, The Boston Herald, 3/15/92)

* In 2004, WWE Had A Show Where A Wrestler Dressed In Drag Was “Savagely Beaten” While The Attacker Shouted “He’s A f-ggot!” (James Guttman, World Wrestling Insanity, 2006, p. 176)

* In 2005, WWE Has A Show Which Featured Two Arab American Wrestlers Who Were Referred To As “Sand People” On TV By The Other Wrestlers. (James Guttman, World Wrestling Insanity, 2006, p. 78)

* In 2007, WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit Killed His Wife And 7-Year Old Son Before Hanging Himself. (Brenda Goodman, “Wrestler Killed Wife And Son, Then Himself,” The New York Times 11/29/16)

* A Doctor Specializing In Brain Injury Said That Benoit’s Actions Could Have Been A Result Of Work-Related Concussions And Trauma. (ABC S “Nightline,” 9/5/07)

* McMahon Has Discredited Studies That Have Found Concussions Result In Brain Trauma. (“McMahons WWE Not To Blame For Benoit s Actions,” CNN, 11/7/07) In 1991, WWF Affiliated Doctor, George T. Zahorian, Was Found Guilty On 12 of 14 Counts Of Distributing Drugs To Wrestlers. (“Zahorian Found Guilty Of Selling Steroids Illegally,” The Associated Press, 6/28/91)

* WWE Wrestlers Admitted Under Oath That Vince McMahon’s Secretary Placed Steroid Orders For Him. (Pat Milton, “Hulkamania Take Your Vitamins, Shoot Your Steroids,” The Associated Press, 7/14/94)

* As Far Back As 1993, Linda McMahon Pledged Steroid Users “Won’t Be Working For Us.” (Jackie Fitzpatrick, “The Lady And The Champs,” The New York Times, 6/5/93) In 1993, Vince McMahon Was Indicted On Conspiracy To Distribute Steroids And Illegal Possession Of Steroids With Intent To Distribute. (“Sports News,” The Associated Press, 11/18/93)

* In 2004 USA Today Reported That 65 Wrestlers Had Died In The Previous Seven Years, Including 25 From Heart Attacks And Other Coronary Problems. (Jon Swartz, “Behind Fun Facade, Professional Wrestling Sees 65 Deaths In 7 Years,” USA Today, 3/12/04)

* WWE Wrestlers Were Classified As Independent Contractors And Have Claimed To Have Been Denied Benefits. (“Wrestlers Claim They Are Employees, Not Independent Contractors In Suit Against WWE,” Connecticut Employment Law Blog, 8/25/08)

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